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  1. Ok, I saw a video a while ago of a card rise that, being a magician, I found how how to do very quickly. I have been performing it here and there but I dont know what the name was. It is the type of card rise similar to what "Shifty" looks like. It is fairly simple but very visual. It would be great if you guys can just shout out any ideas of what it could be. THANKS!
  2. do you have a video link you can post??
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2011 Here is a video performance I took literally five minutes ago (not the best performance with the weird position I was in). I have been searching for several days now I still cant find it. I was just hoping I could get some shout outs of names. Its not gimmick btw, like Riot
  4. its shifty i have seen many people hold the deck in that postion to do it.
    also for the last card you can still use brett wolf's move to bring it to
    the top.
  5. oh ok, and ya, this is how I saw it performed so that is why I performed it this way. And I am working on my own variation to get the card to the top (so the card can be face up). Thanks for everything!

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