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  1. Been working a bit on a back design, trying to make it applicable for magic as well as cardistry.
    I'm just looking for opinions and suggestions on the idea before I take it further (Considering Kickstarter once I have a final design).
    CardFinal8.1.png I'm the only one who has seen the design, so if it's like really off just let me know
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  2. I actually really like it. A simple back design, yet relatively elegant.
  3. Thank you, elegance was a focal point of the design as well
  4. I would buy it. The design is beautiful. I think that it should be border less instead tho.
  5. Thanks I really like that idea. However I'd be concerned that the black borders would chip
  6. Keep the borders, I'm not a big fan of borderless cards, because they limit your ability to perform certain effects. Try putting a card upside down in a borderless deck, It sticks out like a sore thumb. Also, what other colors would they come in? :D I could see red and black working really well too. I like the long as you keep the borders lol
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  7. They remind me a bit of the LTD.s which is probably why I like them.
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  8. Would thin borders be ok for magic? Not extremely thin but thinner than standard cards. Also I like the idea of different colors, maybe like a cherry red version.
  9. Thin borders are awesome for magic. When you spread/fan the cards, it looks amazing. The problem is, sometimes with the USPCC, the borders can be misaligned. I would buy it! It looks amazing.
    Make sure to get them Traditionally cut and have it the Crushed stock.
    Have you figured out a name? The name can be a good marketing tool. That was one of the reasons why cards like Fontaines stuck rather than cards like Gema 560s or something on those lines.
  10. Just a thought, but I noticed that the design looks simple, but is actually very intricate. It's actually kind of hard to focus on a single point in the deck. That being said, it would be perfect as a marked deck, because you would only see it if you know what to look for.
  11. I plan on calling them the "Fine" deck of playing cards. Also, I planned on using USPCC, I'm not an expert on card stock but I want thicker cards that focus on durability (I've heard for example that the Bee Erdnase deck is particularly durable). I'm going to do more research however as I'm not familiar with "traditionally cut" or "Crushed stock".
  12. I was considering marking the deck, but I honestly don't know what kind of system to use.
  13. Traditionally cut is when instead of the sheets being cut from the back of the cards, they have to be flipped over to be cut from the face of the cards. It allows for better faro shuffles.

    Crushed stock means that the stock is not necessarily thinner, but most of the time it is thinner as it is passed through a roller.

    I don't really know all the details, though, and I might be wrong, so here's a video.
  14. I'd love to see some pop in the design maybe add some gold color or something also focus more on the cards handling that is the most important part I would suggest putting a slick long lasting finish that fans good like linoid if this deck has really good handling I would buy it in no time I love the back just needs some touch ups
    Crushed stock is
    Look up the juice marked deck it is a deck the to read the marks you kind of look past the card it is hard to explain just watch a video about it
  15. Wow! I actually really like that back design! I enjoyed a lot at first, and the more I looked at it, the better it got. The subtle and understated intricacies are really nice! Please don't make this deck borderless, but thin borders are indeed much preferable to thicker ones. I'm not sure how I feel about making them marked, but if done tastefully, it could be beneficial. Something else to look at is potentially making it a one-way deck... that's a lot easier than a marking system so it might be something fun to figure out that wouldn't take too long
  16. I'll experiment with adding gold highlights, also I'm researching different methods to print playing cards currently. If I get this deck printed handling and feel will be a huge focus.
  17. I really like the video you linked. It's crazy how much goes into playing cards that is behind the scenes
  18. Thanks! If I add a marking system I would spend enough time to have it done right. I don't want to take any shortcuts.
  19. This is a really interesting system, but I would rather have markings on the design of the card.

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