Need Routine Ideas!!!

Dec 26, 2013
This Friday I'll be performing in a show at my college and I sadly haven't narrowed down my specific trick yet. The main reason I'm struggling is because of certain parameters we have.

1.) Everyone must be 6 feet apart at all times
2.) If a spectator touches something I touch, we both must be wearing gloves
Putting on gloves would be difficult, so I need a trick that requires no one to touch anything other than me
3.) I have around 3-5 minutes
4.) Everyone will be wearing masks

I want to do something extremely powerful because a cash prize is offered. I thought about cardiographic, but it will not be as impactful if the spectator has to say stop after riffling instead of having them select a card themselves. I thought about doing Priceless by Richard Sanders but the staging is more curved so angles behind me are a bit tricky.

I really need some good recommendations! I also don't have a lot of resources being in a college campus bubble. I just need a short but sweet smaller stage trick. I've been doing magic for 10 years so no need to limit when it comes to skill. I've just never had to do something like this before.


Jan 8, 2019
If you really want to go crazy . . . Travelers perhaps? Doesn't require audience participation but looks really cool.


Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
This Friday

Tomorrow? Go with what you know.

Do Cardiographic. Come up with a method where a spectator can select the card. Send me a private message if you need ideas on that.

Use the gloves to your advantage. Work that into the routine... "Since I've just met you, I have to ask... are you willing to use protection?" You can use OJ Simpson (If the glove don't fit...) or Michael Jackson (just use one glove) jokes [yeah, I'm dating myself as Gen X]. You can react to them putting on the gloves by saying "the last time someone put gloves on like that, my doctor got to know me really well. Just don't ask me to turn my head and cough." How about an Avenger's reference - "Put this on... it's like the Infinity Gauntlet. You will have all the power." Maybe use a clip from a song with the "fits like a glove" lyrics (see here: like a glove )

Play the routine off as you are going to do it normally, stopping intermittently to adjust the routine due to the restrictions. For example, use lines like "I would normally be able to do some sleight of hand here, but I've got to stay six feet away." "I usually hold hands with the spectator and sense their card based on their biometric signals, but we will have to do this from afar. [have them put their hands out as if you would be holding both of them, have them stare into your eyes, etc.] "Now, I've got... absolutely nothing." Have them silently say the name of the card and joke about usually being able to lip read. Use the restrictions to build up the impossibility of the effect.
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I agree with RealityOne. Do something you are comfortable doing. Also remember you aren't performing for magicians so don't make it too complicated on yourself. I agree to do cardiographic. You can do something as simple as a criss cross force. Set it up, place the cards on a stool, patter a bit, then have a spectator lift the card and hold onto it. You can even use jumbo cards. I'm sure CVS or Walgreens has them and just do a riffle force. I like comedic approaches so even if you need to use gloves just single out one guy in the room, make eye contact while putting the glove on, and say sir I'm going to need you to relax but youre not going to believe where the card is. This definitely lightens the room. Just work with what you know and be you up there. Add a bit of ambient music if you can.
Oct 2, 2018
The ORACLE has spoken (see above).
R1 has given you some great ideas. Run with them, and good luck. Let us know how it turns out. Maybe have someone video it so you can learn from the experience.
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