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  1. So my school has this 30 second student spotlight thing at the beginning of their Monday update videos and they want me to be in one to do magic at some point. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for tricks that would be impressive and last less than a minute. I know a good routine needs a lot more time than 30 sec, that's why I'm having trouble thinking of something.

    So any ideas? It can be just about anything to be honest. Sleights, gimmicks, anything. Since it's on camera, I could even do something that's usually angle sensitive. If it's something I don't already own, I'd prefer not to spend more than $50 max, especially if I don't plan on using it often.

    So yeah. I just need a cool looking trick I can do for my school's 30 second spotlight. And before anyone says it, I know visuals aren't everything. Patter is just as, if not more important than the trick itself. But like I said, it's a 30 second spotlight with no sound so I can't really do an entire routine.
  2. Whatever it is, make it resistant to slow-mo rewatches. Or you could do exposed gambling slights or cardsistry. If you want to specifically do magic, I'd recommend the molecule card reveals on the everythingelse disk of the trilogy.
  3. They're unlisted YouTube videos sent to the teachers and played once at the beginning of first period on Mondays. You can't slow it down.

    But anyway, I'll check it out. Thanks for the help mate.
  4. Princess Card Trick - Gimmicked Version.

    PM me if you need details.
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  5. Monday has come and gone, did you come up with anything?

    "Crazy Man's Handcuffs" or "Spellbound" would be decent options for future spotlights... Good luck!
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  6. Levitations or penetrations are great. The trick with these is that if you catch the video at any moment you can tell that something impossible is happening.
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  7. Sounds like a great opportunity for something simple and even gimmicked could work. Something like pen through dollar, or a dollar torn and restored could work. Maybe a two phase 3 card Monte or shell game even.
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  8. Everyone has already seen me do pen through dollar lol. Otherwise, that would be a great choice. 3 card monte could be cool but that's more of a card cheat type thing than a magic trick. But like you said, I can definitely use gimmicks, even angle sensitive ones.
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  9. That's a very good point. A levitation would be very cool and magical.

    Not this Monday lol. Like I said, it's for any Monday for the rest of the year. I have no time limit really. Plus, they film them like 4 days early.

    For some reason, I've never been able to do crazy man handcuffs successfully. It's always obvious when I do "the move". Even though it's off topic, any tips for that? lol

    Spellbound would also be a good choice. I've been so focused on card tricks I forgot how many great coin routines are out there.
  10. healed and sealed, rubix cube, metal bending, color change. Michael chatelain has some really great stuff for video. Card warp. Do something with the principle.
  11. What about some Ring Magic? I know I recommended Odyssey earlier, but something like a Routine using the moves taught in Reflex by Patrick Kun might be nice.
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  12. I just sent you a pm with an idea.
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    there are some great suggestions here.
    Can I make 2 simple but effective suggestions?
    One where there are 3 queens. You shake that 3-card packet gently to reveal 3 jacks. Finally you give one more shake to show 1queen and 1jack but at the end (or in the middle) there is a Joker.
    Same with some principle in RRTCM. You show 4 Aces. Shake them. Deal 3aces face up and the 4thcard face down. That face doen card however is a Joker.
    A cool effect is where you show 4 aces. You deal the 2 black aces but with a snap of your fingers...the red aces are in there place and in your hand are the black aces!

    You can try out a colour change compilation.
    What about some cardistry where a silent effect happens too? Ring magic?

    Also...I was really hesistant abt uploading this...I dunno if tutorials are allowed to be included here, but the effect was along with ghe cpuldn't help it.
    Here check these 2out and am sure they will help you. Burn me in hell if they don't !!!!!
  14. I'll send you a pm on CMH.
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  15. I like your ideas. But what is RRTCM? I feel like I should know but I don't know it by that acronym. Also, I don't really do cardistry so that wouldn't really work for me. But I like your other ideas. Those would work very well on video.
  16. Rrtcm = Royal Road To Card Magic :)
  17. Oh I totally knew that ;). Lol I knew it would be something obvious.
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  18. You can do the first part of oil and watet
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