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Jan 31, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
There is something you may find useful demonstrated on the gambling protection series by Steve Forte used to switch one poker hand for another using the cop.
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May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
use your imagination bro.
just mess around with the positions and situations and you will find something...
for example.. off the top of my head....
how bout with the copping hand, you sweep the tabled card into your lap, while in one fluid motion produce the copped card. In theory, this should look like you are just picking the card up off the edge of the table.
what if you would put the card from gamblers cop in tenkai and then in the action of taking the card on the table, let the card from tenkai fall on the table and at the same time put the card you took off from the table in tenkai
Jun 24, 2008
United States
if your copping the card off the bottom then you could easily change the method of palming. Just do a bottom palm instead and then use the macmillan switch. Im not sure if that would work but its just an idea. Hope this helped.

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