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  1. I'm working on a Tivo variation where the card goes face up in the center instead of face down. Thus both would have to change at the same time.
    For the color change(s), though, I'm kind of stuck.
    I was considering a Carolina Click Change + Ego change but that would require dups, which I'm trying to avoid as much as possible.
    Do you know of a couple color changes I can do at the same time, that would fit in this trick? :confused:
  2. I have no idea if this is helpful or not but how about hte goat change
  3. i dontt think this is possible
  4. DUDE! i was thinkin the same thing a couple days ago!!
  5. how about this then:
    what color changes can be done simultaneously in the same hand?
    i'll try to figure out the handling...
  6. why not try a classic pass?
  7. I think I see how. Thanks.

    And yes, right now I am using a half pass; however, the middle face up selection is still outjogged. I need to control that squared on top with cover. Any ideas on this? Would an Outjogged Hermann pass work (I don't know where to find that)?
  8. The out-jogged herman pass I believe is in the 1-on-1 section.
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  10. if you don't mind dupes, cardini and impulse. if you do mind using them, pm me.
  11. Do you intend to apparently make to cards transpose in a way that each of the card's faces visible changes into the other's?

    It would be more visual, I agree. But, IMO, it would not enhance the magical effect in any way. I could also imagine that it weakens it. Really.

    The subtle suspense of revealing the face-down card would no longer be there. The revelation of the second card and the anticipation that 'it would be crazy if its the other card that was supposed to be somewhere else' is what I think is one of the crux of all transposition effects.

    Sure, changing both cards at the same time it would impress magicians alike, and would look very cool. But the magic would be over in just a flash. You run the risk of spectators not fully grasping the effect at the exact moment that they should.

    Just to clarify: I am not saying that changing two cards at the same time is a bad idea. I can think of other applications of it. BUT definitely not in a transposition effect.

    Just my two cents.
  12. Hmm, that is definitely true.
    However, I have just found a control that works - while not practical for tivo, could be practical for other tricks instead.
  13. IT may not use dupes and is a very cool effect, but he uses a semi-dupe in the form of the ace of hearts for the ace of diamonds.

    So effectively a dupe, lol.

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