needle broke inside my hand help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spade57, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. today i was performing through and through by dan hauss i did it about 30 times but this time the needle broke inside my hand and i cant get it out what should i do ? leave it or go to doctor ?
    i am using sewing needle
  2. I would go to straight the ER before anything gets permanently damaged.
  3. Go with a NOW!!! also you are going to have to bear the "this kid is stupid" look when you explain it to them... good luck!!
  4. what he will do ?
    cut through my hand ?
    and iam not kid i am 19 :d
  5. Why are you posting a reply when you should be in the Emergency Room! This must be pretty scary for you to go through, and I hope it gets fixed.
  6. First of don't use sewing needles. For someone aged 19 i'd have expected a quicker response to your damaged hand and gone straight to the emergency room.

    As i said before don't use sewing needles. Use the ones that you are told to use in the DVD (the long ones) so that if it breaks its easier and safer to remove.
  7. Firstly, I doubt this is real. . . I think it's someone looking for attention.

    Why would you spend typing on a magic forum when you have a medical situation?

    Secondly, how would you comfortably type with a needle stuck in your hand?

    This is just an attention whore and nothing more.
  8. I thought that myself, but I assumed that a person would not be so needy that he would have to lie about being hurt to get attention.
  9. firstly i am not lying about this it was in my hand
    secondly it dont hurt when it was inside my hand i feel scared only because this can poison me i think if u have the courage to try it u will believe me
    thirdly please stop replying to my forum posts because u hate me too much
  10. thank you so much your help appreciated
  11. This thread is pun intended. If he is truly injured he will go to a doctor. If not...then he has received his attention and this thread is closed.
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