Needle Swallowing

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I just need some advice on what are the best needles to use for a needle swallowing routine? My only requirement is I need them to be ferromagnetic. Also where can I obtain such needles?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I use the cheapest pack of needles at a place like Joan's Fabrics. I think I've even purchased them at Walmart. The pack comes with a whole bunch of different sizes, the longest ones don't work for me. I usually use the shorter ones ad am very comfortable. The pack looks like this: [​IMG]

    If you can find the size that works for you and take a magnet to the store I'm pretty sure they have seperate packs that sell needles all of one size.
  3. The bigger the better for visibility from a distance. You can find leather working needles that are fairly large in size. I prefer razor blades myself.
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  4. Hey thanks for the comment Bizarro!

    I'm thinking about picking up Helter Shelter. It looks pretty safe. Do you mind if I ask if it is 100% safe and fool-proof?

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