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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gabriel Z., Dec 5, 2016.

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  1. Here is a video of the NPH Playing Cards.

    Comes with two jokers:
    Two premiums , one which reads:
    "This is going to be a challenge. Just as a spider spins its web, I've taken a page out of Cardano's book and created a puzzle. Look upon photos and images inside this deck. You can do this - just look closely at the cards. Good luck!"

    The other one seems to have a solar system on it with diamonds, boxes and lines, concentric circles.

    I have no idea except that I enjoyed handling them.:)

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  2. Very nice performance! I really like the design on these cards. :D
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  3. In regards to the cards themselves, there is more than meets the eye. Seek, and you shall find!
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  4. You could be Legendary! Declare Victory!
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  5. I really enjoy these myself, and I like the kind of coppery color of the backs. I still don't get the secrets though.
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  6. I've been trying all sorts but think I'm over thinking things and seeing what's right in front of me... has anyone else had any luck?
  7. Actually, Yes... Literally just now.
    The entire trip it takes you on is.... LEDEND... wait for it... DARY
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    Got my NPH cards yesterday in the mail :cool:. They handle really nicely, they are softer and springier than artisans, closer to what I experienced from Contrabands and Medallions.
    Courts are all standard, but they feel different due to the different color scheme.
    Red on the cards is a bit lighter than standard bike red -- really nice touch. I like a lot.
    Pips look like Union pips and lettering is using stylized font.
    Overall, excellent deck, really nice, handles awesome.

    Now, if I can just solve this...:mad:
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  9. Victory!
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    Can anyone enlighten me on this? I have been staring at the cards for hours. Even if it's just a tiny clue. I know I am supposed to look at the sun for it is the right thing opposed to the moon (if you catch my drift). But I cant make chocolate out of the constellation.
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  11. "The answer is out there, ... it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to."
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  12. Meh, I'll just take the blue pill. :p
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  13. If you're looking for some nice "life inspiration," Vogue Magazine has posted a wonderful video, "73 Questions With Neil Patrick Harris," that is WELL worth your time.
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    Most fun I have ever had with a deck of cards. Most fun deck of cards I own. It is very rewarding to complete.
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    I am so confused! Can't figure anything out, any help?
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  16. Can somone point me in the direction for 03? The truth is revealed in the dark -
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  17. I dont need answers, but maybe a gentle push in the right direction.
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  18. Try going East.

    And Boo on you, WillTupper ..
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    Yeah, I'm stuck as well.
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    I got stuck :(
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