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  1. Gimmick:
    ingeniusly made, possible to make your own within 15 minutes. it will possibly last as long as your cards. How ever it is not so easy to handle, you have to get use to the way how the gimmick "feels". it made my card handling alot less natural, and i have to adapt half of my normal moves to use this gimmick.


    the 99 effect on the intro is ait misleading, it does profide alot of useful routines with the gimmick, and some without. unfortunately alot of the effects actually require a certain setup, may it be duplicates or glue or what not. i dont see me performing more than 1-2 or them together anytime in the near future.
    how ever i have modified alot of the routines to fit together so if i do use the gimmick i wont need to grab another deck just after an effect or two.
    Now abit of the good news, most of the effects are quite stunningly visual.
    how ever i think there are way more potential to the gimmick than those that were shown in the dvd.


    entire teaching is done in a straight shot in silence.(with background music). The camera angle here is pretty good so you can pick up most of the ideas by watching it just once. But due to the lack of voice alot of the subtleties must be interpreted by urself.


    There are only ace productions here, alot of them, unfortunately some of them kinda look alike, but there are a few that looked really awsome.


    Most of the effects looked suprizingly easy to learn but to get them to look remotely close to the performance shown it will take weeks. Im currently working on a coin effect taught in the DVD and an ace production.

    3/5 (advanced)

    Despite im somewhat dissapointed with the effect that "include"the use of gimmick, im overall happy with some of the other effects, once i get use to the gimmick (which i think can take months), i might then enjoy it more.

    Some recommanded effects in the DVD:

    With gimmick:
    sorry havent practised any of them, although alot of them looked awsome but the use of gimmick + controlling cards is pain in the ass, u will know what i mean if u have it. so for now im just trying to practise some basic card control with the gimmick around.

    Without gimmick:

    Ace, gone:
    An ace production that vanishes the deck at the same time as producing the 4 aces, awsome effect, how ever some part of it is rather knacky to get it up to speed.

    A new take on a very classic shadowcoin/coin matrix effect, this one actually start out with 4 coins and you are able to show everything as totally clean.
  2. Thanks for the review.

    Could you give some more info on the matrix routine? And what is so revolutionary about it?


  3. So, if I buy the download verision, I can build the gimmick by my self, right? How hard is it to build the gimmick? (if it's possible) :)
  4. It is hard to talk about effects without exposing it, but here is the thing, the cool idea about this coin matrix is that unlike the classic version you dont start dirty, you start clean with 4 regular coins. which has always been one of the reason why i never practised any shadowcoin/coinmatrix routine before.

    about the gimmick, yes you can build it yourself, how ever i doubt you will have everything that is needed right the way, so most likely you will need to do a run down to some store to purchase a very critical part of the gimmick. Although it should be quite common but to find the exact same one they use might be abit tricky (note: i havent tried this myself)
  5. Where,,,

    Which dealer is this DVD available from? I tried to Google but no dealers appear in the search result. Just form threads. :(
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    I've made a few gimmicks that work well with no problems, like you say though it can be tricky finding one part that's needed. Once you do though you basically have a lifetime's worth for little expense. You might end up having to experiment with some different materials before you get it down. The one thing I didn't like about the this was that he showed you the materials and how to make it but didn't tell you what type or where to find them.

    [edit] Coincidentally I just got my gimmick in the mail and can safely say that the one's I've made on my own are just as good if not better.
  7. How long will the gimmick last?
  8. it will last quite a while, i cant see it break during performance anytime soon unless your made your own and badly. but i expect mine to be fine for half a year.
  9. Okay, but do you think you can find all things that's needed? Maybe it's hard to find but do you think it's sometimes impossible, depending on where you live? :)
  10. so should you raccomend me this dvd to me or not? can i find all i need or something is hard to find?
  11. yes u can find everything you need to construct the gimmick or if you are too lazy to do that u can always order the gimmick together. Until i get use to the gimmick myself i will not make any recommandations.
  12. I'm just curious why you say it's awkard to handle.
    I'm kind of interested in this seeing how it looks like a cool way to reveal a card.
    I kind of wish the demo had a "Start to finish" sequence of the whole effect.
  13. I just ordered today

    I will probably make a review of it when it arrives
  14. For those who still esitating buy it it's a very good and classy dvd for all of the magicians who like jean-luc bertrand 's style and nestor hato's creativity...
    I highly recommended this DVD
  15. how many days did it take to arrive after purchasing this?
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  17. oh my god... i just bought it and it was close to 90$ dam
  18. What are you talking about?
    It should work, the coupon is deducted when they process your order, not when you pay.

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