Nestorizer by Nestor Hato Effects Review

Jan 18, 2009
Nestorizer by Nestor Hato

Price around $40

First Impressions 3/10

I was highly unimpressed when I looked at it and thought I had wasted my money. I was thinking back to other reviews and people I had talked to about it and they had all loved it so I thought I would give it a shot.

My review will be about my final thoughts and a quick review of each category they had assigned

Basic Rizer 9/10

The gimmick for this is really great and should easily replace almost any other gimmick riser. The gimmick is highly invisible and you can spread out the cards with little to no worry of flashing the gimmick. This is basically the entire way to accomplish most of the effects that are included within the dvd, and there is a somewhat steep learning curve for the handling of the card position and the gimmick.

Rizer Exit 9/10

Basically more card rising tricks like laying flat on table and putting your finger on it while the card slowly comes out. There are a few tricks like a nice little sandwhich effect where the card is put in the middle, fairly simple stuff but with practice you can make some very nice variations though.

Jumpers 7/10

You can also make the card(s) jump out but to me and some friends that I have asked all agree that it is cool but the slower somewhat spookier effect plays much better.

4.4.1 9.5/10

My favorite effect for this gimmick and I use quite often. There is a setup for the effect and you need something else for it but its easy for both, the setup can be done in front of the spectator pretty much. Basically you show 4 aces and then place them face down on a table and cover it with a card box, then they take a card out and you leave it somewhat sticking out and when you take out their card again it is actually the four aces and their card is underneath the box. Very sweet transpo and the handling is very simple.

Blow 7/10

It's a jumper effect so I am not very fond of it but it is good for any fast paced magicians. You take their card of free choice and then place it in middle and then get a farro (or w/e) type of setup and then you spread the cards and poof theirs pops out.

Blind Date 8/10

Nice little presentation you can add for this effect. Setup is necessary but slightly harder in front of spectators. First spectator takes a card and you leave sticking out of deck and another takes a card out. One card is placed in your hand 4 of spades for ex. and then wave it over the other card in deck and it instantly changes to the 4 of clubs. Pretty simple but timing is knacky but once you get it down it plays pretty well.

Hatrix 10/10

If you are into coins then you will love this and although this is pretty difficult it is super sexy looking. It requires a few moves and one that will make you hate doing it. The overall look is so good and it is basically a Matrix effect that is nearly impromptu and only requires practice

Deckscape 5/10

Decent effect but requires a setup and needs a few things also as props for the effect. Take any card and then you put inside deck and put a glass covering over it, then put a cloth on top and their card is actually outside of box on top. It sounds cool but will never work in a real world enviornment.

Touch 9/10

Very nice effect and good way to present four aces and setup for some productions. They choose any four cards in the deck and this is completely free choice and when you take them out it is all four aces. Little setup also done in front of spectators.

Colors 8/10

Sweet little effect that requries setup that cannot be done in front of spectators. They take a card and you lose it in deck and then you take another card and it turns into their original, you take it out and is actually different colored. You place it back in and then visually and right in front of their eyes it changes to the color of deck and is still their card.

NTDS 9/10

Haunted pack effect that requires very quick setup and a little something else that is easiliy found. Put card in pack and then place a glass bowl or something and then the deck cuts itself and then one card pops out and this is in two steps so it is so much more impossible looking.

There are several ace productions found but they are all about the same, setup and cool looking but the setup is impossible to do in front of spectators.

Teaching 7/10

No sound from his voice and everything is taught a little quicker than it could have been. You will understand what he is trying to accomplish but no sound and the speed of it brings it down. Could have done much worse though.

Quality 8/10

Decent quality but it just has that looks a bit cheaper than say T11 or another high quality look to it. Very sound and you shouldn't have any major problems looking on.

He also teaches you how to make your own little nestorizer which requires the arts and crafts skill of a 6 or 7 year old. Also some little trailers for David Stones stuff, Yannick Chretien and something called blinking effect that looks very nice to.

Final Thoughts 9/10

This is a near must have, if you don't mind having a near invisible gimmick and maybe working a bit around the gimmick when not using it then you should most definitely get this. Cool effects and very nice thinking went into this gimmick, which I still can't believe how simple this is for something that can do so much.
Jan 18, 2009
This is just one gimmick that you can easily take in and out without people really noticing anything fishy. It's almost completely insivible even when you spread out the cards in a fan, table spread or lespaul. It can do alot and I would still reccomend it with the same love as the Advocate.
Jun 8, 2009
shadow said:
not a fan of having the need of so many gimmecks
That's a bit negative, shadow. Gimmicks have their uses. Do you know a way to make a card shoot out of the middle of the deck without a gimmick? I don't.
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