New 1-on-1 : FLICKER by Doug McKenzie

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. The 1-on-1 training section was updated tonight with a brand new video from Doug McKenzie - FLICKER.

    A coin production from the mind of Doug McKenzie, one of the lead magic producers for David Blaine's latest special. Also includes instruction on the Jimmy Wilson grip and the various subtleties, angles, and details that make it look smooth.

    > > > Flicker - Doug McKenzie
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  2. Sweet! So, is Doug going to be a theory11 artist now?

    My thoughts: I guess I'm not into coin flourishing. It's a nice little move, but it's not my type.
  3. 6 bucks... For a 1 coin production... that's not even that impressive...

    No money from me guys. Not for this
  4. Nice. I liked it. First one fooled me. Third one gave it away. Still, very nice move.
  5. ;) I'm watching the same preview in high definition, full screen, frame by frame, and don't see a thing. A beautiful coin production - and something Doug has performed for real people, practiced, improved, and perfected over years. Word.
  6. I agree with FatalAce. The first one fooled me as well, but he did flash the coin.
  7. i second that.
  8. I can see this working really well for laymen.

    As a magician, probably fool me in real life, but just my nature of looking for what's going on saw a few things that were awkward (on camera) that led to me figuring this out pretty quickly (and I only watched it once...).

    To say I know exactly what's going on...I might have a detail here or there missed...but hands only have so many places to hide coins...especially with short sleeves.

    I can tell he's put work into it (so damn smooth), and can't bash it, mainly because everyone who says they figured it out would probably be fooled in real life (or without the mention of the J.W. grip ;) )

    But as a card magician (who deals with general sleight of hand, not much coin work) ...I won't be picking this one up.

    If I were a coin magician, I would probably buy it just to hear Doug's thoughts on subtleties and the creation process(nothing short of genius I'm sure).

    I guess it's back to the aronsons stack memorization...-sighs- i hate remembering things.

  9. is that why you were in newyork with dan white in his late artist video thing?
  10. sweet, i might check this out
  11. that was sick.
  12. It's all nice and visual and smooth and such, but really. If you have a basic knowledge about coin magic, then you could figure this out. I do, and I did on the first one. I think the problem is that it's almost too perfect, in the eyes of a spectator.
  13. That's funny.
  14. So you wanted to learn it watching it framy by frame how unethical bayme? buy it xD hahaha xD just kidding :p I think that it was a really flawless performance, he didnt flash a thing, but maybe with 2 performances it was enough to blow everybodies brains :p
  15. I know he didn't flash. But, the unnatural movements in the 3rd performence told me where the coin was throughout the production. But, like I said, it is still a very good move that I think with practice, can fool many laymen. =)
  16. That makes absolutely no sense.
  17. I agree if this is what theory11 cuts out to be theory11 artist,Idont know where its going.
  18. You can definatly see the coin before its produced...
  19. Hahaha, he says 'card production'
  20. Please do your research, Doug is not a Theory11 artist, it's obvious you haven't been here very long. If you want to criticise, that's fine, but try actually having a clue about what you're talking about...

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