New 1-on-1 : The Double Lift with Jason England

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scarecrow1, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. I don't know about you, but this looks sweet. The doubles he did on this look crazy. So getting it.
    Double Lift 1on1
    I was hesitant about another card 1on1, but I'm happy about this. Thoughts?
  2. I think it will certainly help some people. It wouldn't be a bad idea for anyone to get this, as we all use the DL everyday. I have a feeling some people are gonna be pissed. But on well, because this is obviously useful.
  3. You got that right:D But I seriously think this will be good for beginners to advanced guys too. These doubles look seriously sick. I'm a fan of double lifts and doubles, so I'm happy:D

  4. They shouldnt be,the majority of double lifts we see done on videos are terrible. Mine included. They should be happy they can be taught a double lift that really looks like on card being turned over.
  5. Absolutely. The videos nowadays, there are obvious flaws, myself included. It would be good for all of us to see a master at work such as Jason England. I hope people see the use in this.
  6. I think this was a good idea considering that most doubles look like hell. I'm interested to hear what he has to say more than anything.

    I'm betting some people are gonna want to pick this up just cause it's Jason (myself included.).
  7. 7 bucks for 4 double lifts, pfft, yer right.

  8. Srsly? The only double that looks bad IMHO is the strike double. As Aaron Fisher says, a double lift is really 4 sleights. People call it one. It's 4.

    I use the strike double a lot, but only because it's practical, and you don't need a break first. Unless that video is teaching the pinky count, there's no use getting it. Learn a solid pinky count first, then almost and double is possible. You don't need Jason England for that.

    (P.S. instead of buying these HD downloads for like 10 bucks each, why don't you buy Erdnase once, for like 10 bucks? Hell, it's public domain, you can get it for free.
  9. I agree on the pinky count (only way I use to catch a break), but it's the turnover that most people are horrible on. The turnovers Jason uses here look extremely convincing and natural. I love this personally.

    PS: I think the strike double is actually one of the more convincing doubles, but maybe it's just me:rolleyes:

  10. Those couple look pretty good. This should be a good one.

  11. its funny you quote aaron and then talk about the pinky count, the one sleight above all that Aaron hates and says is a completely useless sleight.
  12. well I don't agree with aaron on everything, but he is right about the double.

    P.S. Aaron promotes the thumb count, which I use a lot in memorized deck routines (I suck at estimating :D)
  13. yeah, i was at one of his lectures and he went on a 10 to 20 minute rant about the pinky count and the constipated look that comes over magician's trying to obtain one. It was rather entertaining.
  14. Funny, when I saw him, he went on a rant on the bluff pass. (he then taught us his nowhere pass.)
  15. After purchasing and watching the Double Lift 1on1 vid, I say it's a great investment on the topic of the double lift, whether you're a beginner or an advanced/seasoned magician. Personally, I learned a few different methods for the double lift over the years such as the push-off, strike, standard, and one-hand double, just to diversify my knowledge and have a few back up methods for different performing situations.

    Jason covers in detail about the different get-ready for the double lift (he covers the pinky count briefly), the 4 different types of double lifts plus a bonus from his good friend Martin Nash, and great historical and references on the double lifts taught. He also covers how to elegantly perform the double lift since yes, there are many who perform this sleight without attention to elegance when executed.

    As for the Aaron Fisher's thoughts on the double lift, yes I do agree about what he teaches about the double lift but that's more of an advanced understanding for those who know how to perform a double lift and what to get an in-depth understanding of how it should be used in performance. Jason covers on the techniques and mechanics of the different methods which is a must-know to any magician before getting to Aaron Fisher's thoughts, in my opinion.

    All-in-all, this is worth the $7 for anyone who wants expand their knowledge on this sleight. Hope this helps anyone who is thinking about getting this download.

  16. Just adding to this whole Double Lift convo, has anyone used Ben Earl's Double? I forgot the name as I watched his DVD a while back. The double looks extremely... single and carefree. it uses a twirl around the fingers which actually looks natural, unlike the ones that Dan and Dave use (no offense)
  17. Your kidding me! They have some of the most natural doubles I've ever seen! Now, my sister knows about some things like double lifts, so (and I would never do this normally) I performed that same double (where you basically push the double...the kind the Buck brothers use) and she said "so?". I showed her it was a double and she loved it. She said at the time that she thought I was turning over a single card.

  18. Dan and Dave's doubles are flashy and look like they are single, but they are far from natural... Look at the one they use in Tivo 2.0. Who takes a card out like that? Look at the Genistair. Who shows a card like that?
  19. I know what your saying about the Spin Doctor Double (and it annoys me, because almost every video people make now use that move as a cop out, instead of using some other control), but I think of the Ginastaire double as a convincer. Not as a double lift to display the top card. It should be used seldom.
  20. Great 1 on 1, learnt alot and I am going to be practicing these for a while my favorite is the first one he teaches, it does not need a break and in my opinion thats great

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