NEW 1-on-1 : The Spello Change by Jesse Feinberg

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  1. Jesse Feinberg makes his theory11 debut with a powerful, visual masterpiece - The Spello Change.

    Cryptic writing on the back of an ordinary card case slowly and visually changes to reveal a spectator's selection. Spello Change was recently performed by Lu Chen on national television and can be done with ANY card box.

    See the preview and learn the Spello Change now - exclusively at theory11.

    + WATCH - The Full Preview
  2. this looks awesome! once you do it to one card box, are the marks there for good? also, can the box be borrowed? whatever the case may be, this looks great!
  3. Looks awesome, but it is also for sale on Jesse's own site for $10 more and seems to ship with something. Is there any difference between the two methods, such as being able to use different boxes and such?
  4. Irony

    Heya, I just actually preformed this today where I work, I do magic at a Boys and Girls club of malibu for my free time.

    I have a routine where a prediction is my finale. My version looks exactly the same except for one part where I have to place my hands a certain way and I am curious if the 1 on 1 method is the same. Either way it is a great trick and I advise everyone to buy the 1 on 1.

    Thank you Theory 11 for having 1 on 1's in the first place.
    I love you T11 ;)
  5. No difference at all between the two methods, although one version magically makes your wallet $10 lighter than the other.
  6. Just wondering.. How practical is this? And the they examine the box?

    Just wondering, always get suspicious when something looks this insane.:D
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    Thanks JB, buying now.

    P.S. - Just bought it, fantastic method and effect, but Jesus you guys keep coming up with ways to keep me from throwing stuff out.
  8. I'm just assuming, but I don't see this as being examinable (Of course, you know what happens when you assume...). So perhaps not perfect to do for grabby friends. But it looks great for those who can control their audience.

    But I can think of a way to make this examinable...

  9. Thank you everyone! I will be answering questions here, and you can also reach me by PM or email. I look forward to speaking with you all. It's great to be here with theory11 making major moves! Off we go...

    moviesandmagic3: The markings can move as many times as you want. I teach a handling that allows for the box to be examined at the end. The box could be borrowed, but unnecessary. The handling would just have to be modified.

    E/caulfield: " version magically makes your wallet $10 lighter than the other." Bayme is totally right! lol Go with the 1on1! It features the best instructions and the latest in handling. I will be updating my website over the weekend, changing the product to a direct link to the 1on1.

    MalibuARMY: We love you too, or at least I do ;) That's awesome that you were performing this today! Did you buy spellochange? Otherwise, it might be a different method you learned. For instance, I've seen tutorials on youtube that were totally wrong. haha PM me and we can chat.

    Wallmott: Super practical. If you carry a deck of cards around, you can have Spellochange ready anytime! The handling can allow for a completely examinable box. Thanks for your questions!

    E/caulfield: So you bought it! Awesome :) I look forward to your review... Thanks for the support!

    Justin.Morris: I can think of a way too... In fact, we teach you everything you need to know in the 1on1! PM me anytime and we can jam on this...

    So to sum things up so far, buy Spellochange. ;)
  10. That trick is on mismag youtube channel for while with tutorial ...
  11. My review:

    The trick has potential. I don't personally like the style of Jesse Feinberg (sorry Jesse), but with a bit of creativity it can be tailored to anyone's. The extra's at the end is a great start of a think tank that can be pulled so that other crazy things can happen. With the addition at the end, clean-up is amazing and the box can be examined.

    Overall: Worth the money, check it out =)
  12. Hey Jesse awesome job.. a perfect close up effect for any performers arsenal.. i mean c'mon guys its a card box we all have a card box on us everyday.. well at least i know i do..super convenient! i love things that pack small play big.. it's definitely an effect that will make your spectator say What the hizzf**k!! :eek:
  13. Can this really be examinated?

    From what i think it is i really cant se how it could be really examinable.
  14. As stated multiple times, there is a way to make this examinable.
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    in my opion mismag is the worst magician on youtube, he is destroying the magic industry and i hope jesse will kick him in the ass.
  16. I'm a lover, not a fighter. haha

    Good thing is that Mismag doesn't know how Spellochange works. haha But don't tell him! The method he teaches is an old effect published WAY back. Spellochange uses a completely different method. It is more versatile, clever, and still super simple and easy to perform. PM or email me if you have any specific questions :)
  17. Thank you Emran, your the man! And I love your Shinobi control!
  18. i thank you.. i actually use your spello change with the Shinobi force often haha!
  19. The Spello Change is great! This will be great for a closer for some of my performances. I'll try to make a review for this a soon as I can. Thanks Jesse for this great effect!
  20. It looks like a fun effect but won't that A) somewhat ruin the box and B) only allow you one use per box?

    PS. And not to be critical but I wouldn't call that video of Lu Chen recent -- it's over a year old. ;)

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