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  1. Hello everyone,
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask about this but anyways, I am new to this world of magic and is particularly interested in card magics. I am very determined to improve thus the reason I am reading the Card College book which I heard is good for beginners like myself. As for my problem, I seem to have hit a block and don't know what to do. I am not able to spread my cards properly at the moment so I am wondering if I should master it first or move on. I am 15 years old and I wonder if my small hands are the reason. If it really is how long of a spread should I aim for?

    Thank you
  2. Without looking at the book to see how Roberto teaches it, you should be able to spread through the whole deck with six to eight cards being exposed at any time.

    If you want to post a video or send a link to me in a message, I can see if you are doing anything incorrectly. Your hand size should not make a difference.
  3. 2 common problems. Wrong cards, wrong surface.

    You need to purchase a deck with an air cushion finish and it needs to be in good shape, or even new. Old and cheap cards clump, even pros can't spread em right.

    The surface needs to be soft, not hard or slick. Carpet, a sofa, a bed or table cloth will help.

    When you fix these two things you will be able to spread a deck with your feet
  4. Hi there ,I started magic about 4 years ago .dude the truth is that I learned to table spread and fan cards last year and I am now just 13 .just go on man learn magic tricks and perform.
    After a year or so (if you still have the desire to continue )you will learn the spread , fan and all other stuff automatically .your hand size doesn't matter .if you still can't do it ,again get back to it after few months .SO I SUGGEST YOU CONTINUE BRO.all the best for your future .
  5. Not completely agree about the deck with you. Because of playing cards being illegal where i live, most of my recks are cheap plastic cards and cardboard cards and have never had the chance to even get my hands on normal bicycle cards(yeah, i know). I have been into card magic for about 3 years or so and recently i was able to find some bee cards. Except thumb fan, there is nothing that i can do with the bee deck that i can not do with a plastic or even a cardboard deck they are less durable but for something like spreading cards they work almost as good as a bee deck. It is mainly the technique and probably as you said, the surface that matters(at least at first).
    If you practice enough, your cards dont need to be air cushion finished.
  6. I started magic when I was 8. Now am 14.
    Hand size will never matter that much.
    First off, you can use bridge sized decks...if not possible, just do what I always do.
    Whenever I see an effect, or a cardistry move that stumps me, I always aske myself,
    "Well, if he can do it, why can't I? What is he, a demigod?"

    And since he is not (prolly) I motivate myself to do it. Heck, I don't think I am less than anyone, I just don't have the experience or practice!

    Making excuses will harm skills in the long run. So just forget about hand sizes.

    Also, what spread are you talking about? A table one or a hand to hand one?

    If you are starting out, I'd say just do the spread sometimes. You don't need to be slick, you just need to be okay. It's like, a riffle shuffle...a properly done riffle shuffle makes everyone go "Whoa!" but one in which there is not proper inter-weaving, well...people have no problem with that either.

    No need to worry about ''mastering'' the spread. Just be comfortable with it. And then, do her stuff...learn other sleights...
    Don't try for a very long spread...the length of a spread has never defined an effect. In fact, people don't even notice it.

    Also, get the Royal Road to Card Magic. Card College may be better, but I feel RRTCM, and at the price at which it comes, it is a really good book to introduce yourself to. Also, it is like, a prequel to Expert At The Card Table and more such I feel for a beginner, RRTCM will be a great choice. Don't worry, it's not like RRTCM is for idiots and teaches boring counting-off tricks. It will familiarize you with a lot of amazing sleights. Also, I really like the way it teaches stuff. It first teaches the sleight and then goes on to tricks...good method, I feel...

    I don't think the spread will be a problem for too long...don't worry, you got this. :)
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