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  2. Hey Ollie,

    We'll be adding even more navigation features in the weeks ahead. Very excited to share! As more and more great content has been posted, we want to organize it as best possible for sleek, seamless browsing. On the page you mentioned, the Popularity filter is determined by the most watched effects in the past month (30 days).
  3. Thank you very much for your response and Im looking forward to the new features!
  4. Hey theory11, I love the new features, very snazzy.

    However, the price guide is from free to 100 dollars. The most expensive trick on the wire is 15 dollars! This could make is difficult to browse the price range. Wouldn't it be more practical to make the price range, say, free to 25 dollars?

    I'd also like to see the price range change as I move the bar up and down in real time (like in the magic tricks section), not moving the bar, letting go (with the cursor), and seeing what the new range is... I really hope that just made sense.

    And why don't you display the prices of tricks on the Wire like on the rest of the site while browsing them?

    Anyways, great job! I'm looking forward to the new features...
  5. Are we going to get a search on the wire, and in the Magic Tricks section?
  6. Absolutely so - the global search at the top of the theory11 site (top left) searches all of our tricks, playing cards, media section videos, and every published effect on The Wire. Give it a shot and you should be able to find anything at a moment's notice, instantly!
  7. Great feedback! We just updated the main page of The Wire this morning, but we will take your ideas into account and get those incorporated into the functionality ASAP. Keep the feedback coming - we appreciate every bit of it and use it to improve and advance everything we do together, with your help.
  8. Good call! Done.


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