New Bee Cards?

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  1. So I was at my local liquor store this fine fine evening here in Chicago getting myself the ol' 6-pack in prep for my evening practice session and I noticed some new decks of cards on the rack. As you can see in the following pictures, the box intrigued me enough to pick the deck up and inspect a bit closer. I noticed that the seal said "Bee the Casino Cards." As I have handled many a Bee decks in my life, knowing the quality and and knowing that the next show I am doing reminded me of the design (March 7th in Chicago if anyone is in town,) I picked up a red and blue back to take home and play with. The main reason is that I am working for the Redmoon Theater here in Chicago and the back designed seems to go with there theme ( if anybody is interested.)

    Long story short...too late, I did a quick search online and did not see anything like this and was curious if anybody knew the history of these cards or what made Bee come out with these. Also, if I can order more online. My thought is that the store broke apart promo gifts that go with smokes to sell individually...Seriously,I would not put it above them.

    So yeah, can anyone tell me what is up with these cards because I like them.

    Thanks guys and by the way, if you click the pictures, they get bigger.

    The red box I saw in the store:

    The cards outside the box:

    A fan from the front:

    The blue deck I have not opened yet:

  2. They may be custom decks from Bee
  3. hi can you show a pic of the front of the box they look weird not my style
  4. Bees

    I saw two of these decks being sold on ebay, when I asked the seller about them he said that they were a limited edition run of bees marking a certain number of years that they had been sold.

  5. Do you mind getting me a few? (one of each color)
  6. nice fan! I saw the same deck in a post over at handlordz. these definitely look cool :D

    edit: i've no idea where to buy these, hopefully they come out with another run of them as they sound pretty limited? if anyone knows where to hook these up please share the info :D
  7. Are they available online anywhere?
  8. Last night I did a quick search and found nothing. All I got was the regular backed Bee cards in every search I did. Anyway, I just got back from work and went back to my liquor store and they only had two decks left, one of each color so I picked them both up. I asked if they had more but the owner was not in today, so tomorrow I shall return again and try and get more info.

    Ok, second question:
    They also had some purple Wynn decks (cut of course) and I picked one of those up to feel the stiffness of them, and was seriously disappointed. Is it just because the cards were used that they are all **** or is it the fact that it is the purple pack? What is the difference in color? I am just trying to figure out why people spend so much money on a single pack of cards. Again, its just a question and I am not hating on anybodies spending habits. Your money is your money.

    Thanks guys...and hopefully some galls.


    PS- The box (the Bee cards) looks the same on both sides.
  9. A friend of mine gave me a pack of these as a present since she knows I like cards. The Copyright is 2007 so these are recent and I do have a blue pack of these. I'm not really sure if this was a limited release or what, but my friend did have the red deck and just gave it to her brother. So they may only come in a double boxes.
  10. hey dudes, I found out what type of cards these are.

    I probably overpaid for them but I have 8 packs on the way to me, 4 blue, 4 red :D

    I'll post up full details and a review when I recieve them :)
  11. the blue looks nicer than the red in my opinion.

    When i ordered my red and purple wynns i opened a red and purple pack right away to see the difference, the red pack pretty much sucked right out of the box. But the purple ones were actually quite good for the first few days but then they started clumping.

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