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Jan 11, 2008
New Beginnings
A Different Way of Looking At Your Magic

NEW BEGINNINGS is a (temp.) 19 page PDF by Casey Rudd, in which he shares his 'tiny miracles' and hopes you get the best out of the contents of this PDF.

Casey does a great job teaching his effects- with VERY comprehensive teaching-that really makes the learning process easier.

But let's check out the contents of NEW BEGINNINGS:

Conspiracy: 4 Jacks are excluded from the deck and set aside. Meanwhile, 3 selections are remembered and lost back in the deck. But with a blink of an eye, the 4 Jacks disappear, and are found in the middle of the deck face-up with 3 cards sandwiched inbetween them... the 3 selections. You proceed to out-jog the 3 selections in the deck, and set it aside for now. The 4 Jacks are cleanly counted out, but with a snap only one of those 4 Jacks disappear, but to everyone's shock, the remaining 3 Jacks have turned into the 3 selections, only to find the 4 Jacks face-up back in the middle of the deck.

CONSPIRACY-a Collector's Routine mixed with a Transposition plot... very nice combination. Casey also shares his 'Rountable Pass' for this, which is a nice subtlety for the Pass... although, CONSPIRACY in itself is quite a difficuly routine, but when paid off, this effect can be wonderful, yet bizarre card routine your spectators have never witnessed before.

Just Lines: A card is selected by the spectator and lost back in the deck. The magician offers to find the card, but jokingly guesses it wrong. But no worries, the magician whips out his iPhone and opens his (Whiteboard) App and shows them how this App works. After you, and the spectator draw random lines, the magician tells the spectator to remember the card they selected, and proceeds to throw his iPhone in the air, where it does a 360* rotation, but to everyone's amazement, the (random) lines have morphed into the spectator's selected card.

You may remember Casey giving away this one in this thread HERE. Again, Casy explains how he was inspired to continue this effect because of Jim Prace's effect-SCRIBBLES OF DESTINY. I'm starting to become a fan of mobile magic, and most, carry around with themselves some sort of phone... again, this effect utilizes something that spectators can relate too using. Now the effect itself is pretty 'cute'-it starts out as a 'comical' routine, but in the end plays out as being a "No way! What just happened?" type of effect. The only disadvantage I see in this effect is that not everyone has/owns an iPhone (or iPod Touch).

Face in the Dirt: A card is selected by the spectator and outjogged face-up in the middle of the face-down deck. But the make the magician's task a little harder, the cards are mixed face-up and face-down ala TRIUMPH. With the snap of the fingers, the selection turns face-down, but when the magician spreads through the deck, all the cards have been 'fixed', except the selection, that is.

A very interesting routine... utilizes a very interesting, as well, sleight to accomplish the 'face-up/face-down' aspect. Again, very TRIUMPH-like, and something that I like so far.

Avarice: 4 cards are displayed-in this case the 2 Red Twos and the 2 Black Aces. The magician, for demonstration purposes, explains how, in Texas Hold'em, the 2 Red Twos will be labled as the bad hand. But when doing so, the magician, himself, get's stuck with the 2 Red Twos, but in greed, with a flick of the cards, the magician is now holding the 2 Black Aces, while the spectators are now stuck with the 2 Red Twos.

AVARICE is very DR. DALEY'S LAST TRICK like... which is an effect I enjoy doing myself, from time to time. Pretty simple, and fun to perform. If you're familiar with DR. DALEY'S LAST TRICK, then you'll enjoy Casey's small added subtleties and handling to this small wonder routine. And I enjoy Casey's gambling-esque presentation for the effect. But I'll add, that I do enjoy AVARICE.

Making Scents: A Tic-Tac container is introduced and the remaining Tic-Tacs are poured out. The magician tells the spectators that the containers of the Tic-Tacs made great souvenirs and offers to show them what he means. Displaying an empty container, the magician borrows a nickel from the spectator, and explains how we have cents, but they don't make sense. With a slam of the container, the borrowed nickel is seen and heard to have penetrated the container... the spectator is offered to examine (and keep, if they will) the container, but the nickel won't come back out.

MAKING SCENTS is Casey's alternative handling to Marcus Eddie's (Coin thru Tic-Tac)- FRESH SCENTS. I used to be a fan of the Coin thru Tic-Tac plot, and have even developed a few handlings myself (both signed, and non-signed variations). What Casey offers here isn't a 'new' handling, per se, but rather a visual and easier, and cleaner approach. MAKING SCENTS is also something I like to call, 'Organic Magic'-using everyday objects to create small 'miracles'... and MAKING SCENTS does fit that bill. It certainly does, "pack small, and plays big".

All in all, NEW BEGINNINGS holds some very creative, and original routines. Although some may take awhile to perfect, in the end, it does pay off, as stated before. I wish Casey the best in his PDF, and like I said, this is ONLY the beginning (no pun intended ) of his PDF, and seeing how the PDF holds some practical, solid routines, I believe this can still be said when the entire PDF is accomplished.

Casey Rudd

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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Thanks for the review Jv! Glad you liked the material. I'm glad that this review is now out. I've been itching to see what people thought of it. Like you said, there is a lot more to come, with pictures for the explanations, and more.

Considering I'm 14 and if you say my writing is good, then I'm happy, because I wanted to be as thorough as I can to make you guys learn the very best from a PDF. Including pictures, which are coming soon. But I couldn't thank you enough Jv for the review, I'm glad you liked it.


Casey Rudd
Sep 7, 2008
Sounds like a good PDF.
I enjoyed "Just Lines" when it was posted here.

Oh, and it's Jeff Prace :)
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