New Bicycle Playing Cards (Concept)

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    Bicycle Galvanic Playing cards (Now With Designs)

    I've been working on my new playing card deck design. I am a 3D Artist and I used both Maya and Photoshop to create these images. Feedback would be great since it is a work in progress. Would love to see these hit the market one day.
    ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!

    The Galvanic Playing cards are now on Kickstarter:

    Please click above to get the full scoop on the goal, rewards, the complete back story, tiers and much much more!!

    The back design has been updated and took everyone's feedback into account : P

    Thank you everyone!
    Sean Whelan
    Graphic Designer

    Thank you,
    Sean Whelan

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  2. It would be cool if you made a new name for the deck of cards instead of Bicycle. This is just because they look very different than regular Bikes. Anyway, the design looks pretty good but for me it looks a bit too mechanical if you know what I mean. But that is just my opinion.
  3. Seems like a good deck if it was to come out soon. I'm not really a fan of the jokers, they seem a bit dull (just a robot of some sort and that's it :/) However, i do like the ace and the back. Very unique compared to many decks. In my opinion, this is something i would happily buy if you changed the jokers. That is my only criticism. Well done
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. The deck theme is sort of mechanical so that was intentional. As for the Bicycle logo on the Ace, I did that because I have not come up with a name yet. The jokers like everything else are a work in progress but I appreciate and understand what you mean about them. Thanks guys
  5. I'm just going to free think for a second with what we have here. If you're going to sell a custom deck it helps to have a theme to kind of go with the design and art work. From what I've seen this theme seems to be centered around a mystical robotic metal feel. The jokers really go far to solidify that image. I know the pursuit of ones own art vs what is commercial often clash but my advice is this, and take it for what it is: Go Steam Punk.

    You're already incorporating gears and robotic images into the deck as is, just go ahead, do some research into the genre, and embrace it. Steam Punk is in right now. You're seeing more and more magicians pop up performing in that genre; Pop Hayden, Myself, and Dino Staats just to name a few. It wouldn't take much to get there from where you are at now either, and there isn't a deck out there yet that really plays well to that genre. Sure Deck One's have that industrial metal feel to it, but they aren't really steam punk enough to be a perfect fit, and god only knows everyone else is producing enough creepy/goth/dark crap to choke a vampire with. I know it's not quite what you have right now, but it is selling. Just my two cents.
  6. Thanks for the advise. I've actually never heard of the term before so I'll do some research about that genre. Actually right after u posted that I updated the Ace of Spades so maybe this was what you were talking about? Not sure like I said Ill do research because that has me interested. But yeah again the art is work in progress.
  7. Steam Punk is like What Sci-Fi would have been like during the Victorian era. Basically it's 1800's fashion, and society with modern day or futuristic technology as made possible by the use of Steam, clock work gears, or Magic (often represented in the form of Crystals). Not going to lie... It's pretty interesting.

    This is an example of a steam punk computer...
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    Will PM something I have been working on...
  9. Just uploaded the new designs. Please comment. Thanks guys
  10. Updated new information in regards to the deck. Enjoy :p more information to come soon.

    -Sean Whelan
  11. All designs are done so just finishing up information for Kickstarter. Hopefully you guys will be blown away by the designs. This deck focuses mainly on the jokers rather then the traditional ace and has a captivating story behind them. It was originally meant to be a short animated film but its a lot of work for one person. Anyone who does modeling or animation can tell you. So I turned my vision into playing cards.

    Upon launch, desktop wallpapers will be available for download. Certain features will also be added to the deck depending if fundings are met.

    Stay Tuned

    -Sean Whelan
  12. New promotional image uploaded!!
  13. Impressive back design!
  14. Thanks! : P
    Once the kickstarter page is launched, everyone will get the full story as to why the designs were created!
    The joker is he main focus point for these decks (not the traditional ace)
  15. its a unique back but it doesnt really grab my attention maybe change the color of the back
    the ace is ok and the jokers are impressive overall goodjob but i am not that fond of the back :]
  16. what happens if we pledge?
    do we get the bonus and help the decks chance of coming out?
    what if you dont reach your goal? do we still get the bonus?

  17. If you pledge your pretty much pre-ordering the deck. If you select a reward you will get the reward but only if the project reaches $15,000 by Dec 20th. If not then no one gets charged and no one receives a reward. As if nothing happened at all.

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