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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicmaster, May 8, 2010.

  1. Hey guys! Many of you might remember when I posted a brand new card control back in 2008. I got complemented on how original the idea was, but it needed work. The angles were tricky, and I wasn't smooth enough in my card skills. However, I spent two years working out the problems in this control including the angles. When done right, this control can now almost be done completely surrounded. It is an instant card control (more of an illusion, really) where the card is inserted into the center and immediately controlled to the bottom. I have decided to give it to you guys as a thank-you, I guess. You guys motivated me to make this move better when I thought it was perfect. Granted, it's far from perfect now, but I think it's good enough to show you guys. Criticism is advised. I need criticism. Anyway, this tutorial is not your average tutorial with long, boring patter. This is simply a video to show you the basic workings on my control. Take it and make it your own. I'm not going to tell you to do it exactly the way I do it. Play around with it and tell me what you think. Come up with your own applications and tricks. If you DO come up with something, post it in this thread. I'd like to see your ideas. Anyway, long story short, here is the tutorial video to my control Shift.
    Yours truly,
  2. I really like it, although i think i do the fastest bottom control there possibly is. Good job on originality.
  3. I'm not saying mine was the fastest. I'm not claiming that mine is the best either. It's just one to experiment and play around with. Take it and have fun with it.
  4. Dude i wasn't trying to be mean or anything.It stumped the hell outta me until i watched the reveal. You did a really good job. Props to you.
  5. Lol I didn't think you were being mean. I was just making it clear to the other form members that I don't claim superiority at all. Haha. No harm done at all.
  6. I know it came off wrong when I said that. It's really cool and I like it. It has great potential. Um I'll post a vid when I can of the bottom control I was talking about.
  7. Can't wait to see it! :)
  8. Honestly, this was the first time i've been really impressed with a video posted for criticism.

    I wasn't dumbfounded, but only because i thought it worked completely differently. When i got to the tutorial i was quite impressed.

    Good stuff
  9. Thanks man! Feel free to use it whenever you want.
  10. Dear MagicMaster,

    I honestly think that this video was absolutely astounding and I have never seen this move before. I will be definitely using this with your permission (if possible)
  11. Yeah of course you have my permission! Just a note for all the forum members; ANYONE is allowed to use this. :)
  12. awesome man. I used to do the exact thing a while back ...a variation on an ernest eric control (he does it to the top using the same principle) but think its great u discovered it also. Keep up the good work

  13. Thanks Alex! It means a lot coming from you.
  14. I've got to admit, that fooled the hell outta me right off the bat. I had it figured that it was something like DG's Ego Slip, just done to the bottom. Props man, props. This is how things should be. Someone comes up with a rough concept, receives criticism on it, takes time to perfect it.

    Good stuff man.
  15. Thanks man! To everyone else; keep the comments coming! I want to know what you think.
  16. Oh, and by the way; this is the first of many videos to come. I have my own collection of ideas, sleights and tricks that I want to share with you guys. All completely original and impromptu. Don't expect a new one soon, seeing as I've been really busy lately. But expect more videos in the future.
  17. good job, i like! but i wouldn't call it a Shift.. its more of a bottom placement :)

    A shift is when two halves of the deck transpo.. classic pass, Midnight shift..ect.
  18. Thanks! haha I named it Shift back when I didn't know the proper terminology in magic. The name stuck, though, for some reason.
  19. no prob, def go check out By Forces Unseen by Earnest Earick‎, as Alex said he has the top version of this move.. with a outjogg convincer, maybe you can add a outjogg convincer into yours somehow.
  20. Not all shifts move large packets. Diagonal Palm Shift, for example. I think the only thing required to call something a shift is one or more cards are taken from one place and put to another. This technique is an implied shift, since the card seems to go into the middle and get moved to the bottom.

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