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    I need some new material to perform at school and i want it to be an instant download video and i would love a great card trick im a pretty high skill level and i have everything from this website and dont want anything from ellusionist im looking for a good card trick or mutiple card trick instant download.
    Thanks alot.
    All input greatly appreciated
  2. It would be hard to just recommend stuff for you when nobody knows your skill level or what effects you all ready have under your belt. A little more information may be a little more helpful.
  3. i editied it
  4. What about Oz Pearlman's Clutch? It gets me outstanding reactions.
  5. Check out the on-demand section of They have tons of awesome visual material.
  6. Cross Roads and the Deck has other cool things built into it.

    Most of my walk around work is now down with a cross roads deck.
  7. oz pearlman blinsided....i do it everyday....
  8. I totally agree with this. Some awesome material to learn.
  9. Awesome magical minds think alike.
  10. Pixel.
    7 bucks.
    Check it.
    Portal or the Queens are also stellar choices.

    When in doubt, Five Speed by Chris Kenner. T11 1-on-1.

  11. you have everything from this site..

    so how about royal road to card magic?

    or The Expert at the Card Table?

    those arent offered here. but. are necessities. don't go without those.
  12. thanks guys yea i do have royal road and expert at the card and table. this has helped any other places i can get som instant downloads i have gotten all the ones i need from DnD and theory 11 and almost everywhere thats why i posted this where can i get good no signing or tearing tricks..... even on dvd....

  13. Check this out. This is the best you will ever see... You make something your own. The stuff you worry about is **** you've never seen. Besides of course the routines you have obviously considered before asking. I, as many, hope you do not cry about your new card trick.

    [Edited] Just cry about a coin trick and make everyone happy.


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