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    Hi, I was playing around with card controls and I came up with this. They're 2 card controls, one for controlling to the top, and the other for the bottom. They both use different methods. In the first one, the card is controlled to the top in the action of a dribble, it is not a pass. In the second one, the card is controlled to the bottom in the action of spreading the deck.

    I was thinking about putting this on the Wire, but I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback from here first. Tell me what you think of it. And could you tell me if it looks original?

  2. the second control seems like a normal card cull, or can at least be performed as a card cull so it's not completely original. the first one seems pretty good. the first one depends if it has an original sleight to actually get it on top. if not then it probably get rejected...but i might be wrong

    keep creating!! :)
  3. No, not really, to both.
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    I really liked both of the controlls not sure if they are unique but I'd love to purchase both =)

    Thanks - Markus/JokerZingo
  5. What do you mean "no, not really"? Could you be more descriptive?

  6. never seen the first but the second one is a card cull
  7. I haven't personally seen the second one, but the others' opinion of it being a cull sounds about right. The first one looks pretty good, and if the team doesn't accept it on The Wire, be reclusive and keep the secret to yourself :)
  8. First is probably a straddle pass, second is a cull.

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