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    Hey this is my first time out to Theory 11 and i was wondering what you guys would think of this brand new T-Shirt idea i have.. I wanted a T-Shirt that was both stylish, trendy and useful other than just a t-shirt. Elegant Deception (hints the name Elegant Deception) the idea is in the T-Shirt are 3 different and unique card revelations. There is a barcode by the tag of the shirt which reveals the King of Diamonds, in writing like the bottom of the custom Ellusionist decks, and hidden between the word Elegant and Deception is a 6 of Diamonds emblem (think of the patter that can come with that) , and then finally my favorite (Twist)
    Twist is an idea i thought of (probably been thought of before) is were the spectator selects a card and you ask them to twist random letters on your tshirt.. ( on the bottom right hand corner) and you tell them to concentrate... and they let go and they are still random but wait you fold the shirt in half and it is their selected card.. The 7 of Spades ...

    Here are some images i created in photoshop nothing is final yet i wanted to get your imput before i run this off to the print company...

    Main Design

    Promo close up ( location on the shirt)

    and then the overal view ( Note Not in focus )

    and finally TWIST

  2. I would sooooooo buy that shirt. Only on twist, in the second line, there should be an O instead of an S. (at the biginning)
  3. It's actaully very good, and sounds pretty usefull... Though, I didn't get the twist idea... I found the "Seven of spades", but how exactly can you "reveal" it?
  4. I really like the idea. What about adding an invisible pocket so you could ditch/steal an item?
  5. what's the twist about....oh....the t-shirt is awesome....don't make an inivisble pocket...that would be stupid
  6. this is probably the best tshirt ive ever seen! it looks cool and it has sum special things for magicians only. The only concern is the material because im not that into the thin feeling. anyyways, great shirt
  7. you would fold the shirt in half to reveal it.. and about the pocket idea that is sweet!!!
  8. what material would it be? would it be thin like the theory11 shirts?Thanks
  9. yeah, but you'd have to put it in a place where it is comfortable and hidden.
  10. no not that cheap stuff... im going to go to a profesional printing company and get some real nice soft cotton shirts
  11. it'll be expensive...
  12. im hoping to buy in bulk i found a good place here in town my church uses them. it will be alright.. i would probably sell 14.99 or 19.99 depending on their quote
  13. oops. I by accident I pressed no but I really like it.
  14. will u submit it to theory11? or sell it somewhere else
  15. I would love to sell them myself.. i dont think i would get the publicity as they would.. but i will try and sumbit it to theory11 first .. then i dont know where from there .. worst comes to worst ebay.. haha
  16. i REALLY like it.
  17. kool. But my dad wont let mebuy stuff off ebay so i really hope theory11 accepts this.
  18. Hey, i found the anwser im going to sell this on my website if theory 11 doesnt like it... check in the future within the next few weeks i still have to create it but i bought the website awhile back... its
  19. have you ever considered that this is the same idea as jay sankets revolutionary tshirt?
  20. looks like theres a pshop brush in there

    photoshop brushes like that really suck at being printed

    when making a design to be printed, and not for the web, when you make a new project on photoshop, make it the size you want, when i do shirts i usually just go with 8 by 11, like a normal piece of paper, and 300 dpi, or dots per inch

    72 is for the web or computer, anything thats printed needs to be 300 dpi or more

    design is alright, i feel its missing something in the background

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