New Danny Garcia compilation DVD rumors?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sensei V, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Any oneelse heard the rumors of a new DG 3 DVD set; similar to the DG Project, on the horizon.

  2. There will be a 3DVD set for the ultragaff featuring Wayne and Danny. Not a DGP.
  3. Actually, there will be.
    There will be one more DGP DVD (DGP 4) to come out this year sometime. From what
    I am told.

    Calvin Lauber

  4. this sounds awesome!!!!

  5. Cool, good detectiving Calvin. Heres hoping.

    Looks like I heard the two kind of mixed up.
  6. 3 DVD's on the UltraGaff!?
  7. Nope, I was talking to him and he said hes making 2 or 3 dvds. They wont be called the projects so he doesnt have to pay paul harris. He is producing them himself and they may be called method.
  8. Daniel Garcia's making a new 3 DVD set called "Method." I am almost positive there will be no DGP 4. Did anyone see his interview on Reel Magic Quarterly? That's where he says this.
  9. O my bad. I talked to him a while ago, and he mentioned a DGP 4, but I see he changed the name to Method, and is making more than one.

    Calvin Lauber
  10. wow... that lady is in like everyone of DG's vids... I bet he's already filmed like every trick thats going to be in "method" with her
  11. Is that freakin Dana Hocking!?
  12. I believe it is. :)

  13. Yeah, it is. First off, I'd like to point out that the image was taken from Danny's Loops DVD, more specifically the performance of his effect 'Ring Sting.'

    Second, I wouldn't doubt that Dana did the filming for Ultragaff, as everything has already been shot. It has to have been, otherwise Wayne wouldn't be in it.

  14. Damn. I have to go back to school tomorrow.
  15. It's alright, so do I. Blah.

  16. just wondering

    dont want to sound dumd or anything just asking is it ok if wayne is in the ultragaff dvd??? his like one of the founders of theory11 right??
  17. Danny Garcia interview on

    mentioning the 3 dvd project will begin filming this summer.
  18. What do you mean is it ok? He can do whatever he wants. Just because he's on T11 doesn't mean anything. I believe ultragaff was the last product he produced for/with E. The post production has taken this long and that's why it's just now being released. I'm sure it wrapped up a long time ago.

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