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    Hey, my name is Calen Morelli, i have been using this effect for about two years now. And a few months ago i deceided i wanted to released the effect to the magic comunity. So my friend David Lemberg also, owner of took the trick and showed it to tim trono at murphy's magic and he liked it so we got a go on the dvd.

    Here is the new link to the demo-

    Let me know what you think.


    Calen Morelli
  2. Calen,
    Good strong effect.

    Everyday items

    Good job! I will be sure to buy it! Way to go man!

    Magically Yours,
    Adam Rose
  3. Wow that was really nice looking. Something a little different. I liked it.
  4. Wow that was really visual and good. This is better then a coin through bottle to me.
  5. Oh wow! Your handling is smooth and can't figure out how the pen appear in the bottle. *scratch my head* Props to you man. Yeah I'll totally get it someday.
  6. The concept isn't new, but the trick is pretty cool.
    Congrats on the effect.
  7. I'm digging this!

    Best of luck to you, man.

  8. :eek:
    That was awesome man.
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  10. Can the bottle be inspected? Before or after?
  11. It's a good effect. But I ask...Why? What motivation or cause do you have to stick a pen in a water bottle?I guess your patter can be "I hate using pockets to hold my pens, they always leak and break. So I learned that a water bottle is best for this, because they are meant to hold things that leak, like water. watch this" and etc. etc.

    but I can't see this possibly fitting into a well structured flowing routine.

    GREAT EFFECT, don't get me wrong, I just see no reason for it
  12. very nice effect.
    Seen a similiar concept elsewhere, but this just 1 upped it so much more. That was with something much smaller and less visible, but this is just... smart. very nice....
  13. Not before, but the bottle can be inspected after and given away with the pen inside.

    Calen Morelli
  14. All of the trailer was well made, except there was a minor flash at 0:40 // 0:41...

    If you are going to market this, make sure there are no flashes or anything else that may give away the effect in the trailer video!

    Good luck,

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    That was probably something best said via pm, since I suspect that all the magi's are trying to reverse engineer it. Furthermore I agree with you on the no flash issue because on youtube you can watch the video over and over again. Maybe I am thinking to critical just saying.

    Great effect, all though I do find this harder to justify then... well none of my character justifications will work; Unless,
    Does it need to be a pen, or could it be a twig, or a bone of some sort? I am a bizarrist and a pen and water bottle are not the most common associated items, but maybe that could be used as a justification with a story of unity.

    Sorry for the rambling my mind is as crazy as Venetian Snare's "Szamars Madar"
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    Effects by themselves,(the majority)have no reason to them anyway.
    TnR's for example,exile,pressure,cut and restored effects,almost ALL card tricks,etc.
    YOU as the performer have to give the effect its relevance.
    I already have three short scripts that are perfect for this effect.(mind you I created the scripts with coin thru bottle but with water inside just stepped it up for me and made my scripts that much stronger)
  17. Thank you all for your ideas and input, i took the video down becuase of a small flash, but a new video will be up soon.


    Calen Morelli
  18. Why put a coin or a cap in bottle?
  19. You should know by now that there are very, very few effects out there that have a reason. The reason for the trick is to entertain, do the impossible... putting a pen in a water bottle like that is pretty impossible.
  20. I disagree, the routines of most professionals I see have a reason.

    Watch Eric Mead perform for example, or read about Chuck Hickok's routine. They both are great examples of magicians/mentalists respectively whose routines are well thought out and of the highest calibre. And they make logical sense.

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