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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DavidOchs, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Torn Too

    I was searching through Penguin's site today and noticed Daniel Garcia's "Torn Too" is out for DVD and Download, it is currently out of stock but it is cool to know that it will be on DVD. I also stumbled across some of Jay Noblezada's new DVD's, one is called "MONEY" and the other is called "S.W.C.T" (both currently out of stock as well). Just thought people would like to know...
  2. Oh snap. Thanks for sharing. I would have never searched.
  3. Thanks for sharing mate.

    Looking at those two right now......
  4. Oh that's cool. I have Torn Too, not a fan of it myself.
  5. What is it?
  6. It's kind of a sequel to Torn. The corner of a card is ripped off, and then restored again. If you own the original Torn VHS, there is a performance of it in the intro.

  7. Will somebody upload a performance of it for me then?
  8. If you want to see the trailer just go to penguin magic and type in torn too... click the quicktime logo to see it... :p
  9. This is a great trick. I've seen it performed live (not by Danny), and it looks awesome. The secret will blow your mind as well.

  10. High five to that, so clever, super visual, i got a vid of me performing this somewhere..
  11. Damn. That video was tight. I penguin the only place that will sell this?
  12. Probably. I emailed Customer Service asking whether it would ever be in stock. I'll let you guys know when I get a reply.

  13. It took a while for them to actually show a demonstration. It was pretty visual and worth the wait. :D
  14. actually im almost certain theres a certain Michael Ammar dvd where he does an effect that uses the principal DG uses in this, but i could be wrong if thats not what DG is actually doing
  15. This is the email I received from Penguin's Customer Service. I asked if Torn Too was going to be in stock.

  16. Just noticed in the demo video that all the spectators have camera strap to a helmet they are wearing, i think this dvd will have actual real live spectators point of view shots, cooooool.
  17. HAHA! You're right!

    His Greed DVD also has a bunch of camera angles.
  18. I bet that was Danny's idea. He's funny like that.
  19. I just watched the video and I must say it was pretty entertaining, as usual. :D

    The video in the link only showed one full footage of the actual trick, and Danny looks as if he's floating because the background is moving.

    Is this gimmicked, btw? I think i got it down, but I don't know. I like how the restoration looks, it's pretty quick.

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