New elite membership card?

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  1. I was just wondering what it looks like and what it's made of! Does anyone have one yet? I know they are supposed to be pretty new...
  2. I’ve been waiting a year for my card. Apparently they are waiting for enough elite members to warrant a print run. Needless to say I’ve given up.
  3. That would be disappointing. We had a bad taste in our mouth after the competitor shut down without notice for a three day weekend to revamp their site. I've been spending my money here instead.. about $200 about from that 10K lifetime points mark and really interested in Flux.
  4. Hey Phil!

    Happy to clarify some information here regarding the elite card process. Back when we had the metal cards that was the case, but since that manufacturer closed we transitioned to a new type of card that would make it so we could be printing new cards monthly no matter how big the number (and they look even better!). We were getting ready to start printing the newest batch in the spring and then COVID hit and threw in a wrench in everything we had planned. Needless to say, this year has certainly not been kind in regards to getting elite cards out due to several delays initiated by COVID. The cards are printed, but each one gets a laser etched name on it, and the laser etcher is booked out several weeks until the new year. We will get there as soon as possible! As soon as I receive the cards in hand all 300+ elite member packages (including yours!) will be hand assembled with extra goodies and shipped out by me after the new year. We are trying our best to get these done sooner than the new year, though.

    This is the first time a delay of this magnitude has taken place for the elite cards, and after this batch we should be caught up and ready for the next batch. We sincerely apologize for the long wait!
  5. Wait so the new cards aren't metal? What are they made of? card stock?
  6. You can get a sneak preview of the card here listed by the "Your Membership Card" section here.

    You can also get a sense of what the new card looks like by this photo I posted here.
  7. Thanks for the update.
  8. Thanks for the update!! I cannot wait to see what are the extra goodies!!
  9. haha even I saw the new design on the website, but I thought everyone knew about it :)
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  10. so its card stock?
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  11. If anyone gets their card, please post a picture haha I'm waiting to see these
  12. Interesting—the news cards look good! I’ve had a metal one for some time, but like the look of the new one. Which has me curious: do existing members ever get a “refresh” card? I’m at around 48,800 lifetime points. Maybe at 50k...
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  13. Hi Guys..I have had my new card for just on one year now.
    Dont think it looks like the one Casey posted of his...but I may be wrong...will dig it out and post. By the way I waited just on two years for it...I was well into my elite points on the metal card ..but I was given the one on card stock...yes I was upset after being promised mine two years previous..but at least it came even after 2-3 attempts of writing asking for it. Look I understand things change and will again...dont think I recieved any goodies with mine though....could have been if any a pack of cards only...for a two year wait..yeah well!! But we all come back....still pi##sed a bit though..that's life...Peter in Oz
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  14. I have been waiting for mine too since last year. I have a question though, will I get a confirmation email when it is shipped or will you guys again send in any mail to confirm my address when are abt to get shipped
  15. Mine came out of the blue..just turned up one day...have found it now and will post later this week..Peter from Oz
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  16. Bummer... Sorry to hear that mate. Who even made the decision to go from a stainless version to ... card stock...
  17. I'm not going to lie...did think that 10K EP was low to get a stainless card though...maybe TH11 may introduce a new and exciting type of special cards say for thoses who get to 35K EP and then to 50K EP. Keep the 10K EP level and introduce different levels with different cards...most other organizations do this ...etc such as EB games here in Oz..that way those individuals who stay with TH11 will have something to look forward to and are rewarded for their loyalty even more. I know it is a lot to get to the higher levels but again reward the individuals who are loyal. I would suggest the cardstock with all the bells and whistles at 10K..then a stainless steel one at 30K or 35K and then a special one at 50K...maybe.a true hologram one with photo...etc..leave that one to the powers that be for 50K..there is enough of us out there who stay why not. Worth investigating is it not....Peter in Oz...thanks guys
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  18. I became an elite member a few years ago back when it was a metal card. when I contacted the support multiple times over the years I always got the reply that they are only printed by patches, not for each individual member, so I never received mine.

    A question for the people who got it, Is it shipped without a tracking number?

    A question for Theory11, is it possible for me to get mine now?

    The only thing I got is the banner under my name.
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  19. That's sucks but we hope they're sending a special gifts with the card
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  20. I prepare myself to become an elite member...most probably that will be next month sooner or i would myself be interested in what the procedure is and how long i'll have to wait for receiving the card.
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