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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jacob Storey, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Hey guys.

    As you can see, I am fairly new here to Theory 11.
    Though I have been lurking these forums as a guest for a while.
    Just quickly, I have been doing magic for about two and a half years now.

    Anyway to get the point :p

    Im looking for ways to use 'New Era" kind of style hat's into my Magic.
    You know that flat brim, fitted hat's.

    Well I need some effects to do with those hats.
    Thanks a bunch in advance!
  2. Could you post a pic of the hats you're talking about?

    Ok. Maybe you've seen them but don't know what they are. Um... they are the caps with the golden circle sticker on the top of the jutting out part of the cap.
  4. Yeah man exactly like those.
    The funny thing is I have that first hat on the list :D

    So is there anything I can incorporate magic wise with "New Era" hat's.
  5. what makes those "new era"? Is that the brand name or is there something special about them? because to me, they look like regular caps with a flatter bill
  6. Be creative, if you know some card tricks, maybe you could somehow use your hat in it. Like, you have them pick a card, and then they put it back into the deck, and shuffle it. While they are holding the deck, you take your hat off and show them that there's a card inside(their card). Yeah, so just be creative and maybe you could figure something out. OR maybe you could vanish a coin and have it reappear in your hat. I really can't think of how New Era effects would be different from baseball cap effects. I haven't really heard of any hat magic tricks so, maybe you could start a new trend. Good Luck man.
  7. those hats are the stupidest things ive ever seen.
    I guess people think there cool with them.
    those hats are just as bad as the kids that wear socks and sandals:eek:

    so to topic poster either a.] your a hip hop ganster that peforms magic
    or b.] your trying to be like dynamo
  8. You hardly ever see a woman wearing socks and sandals... I call that combo "Mandals" hahaha... these hats rank up there with the popular 90's fad of "not taking the tag off"
  9. In one of the tarbell books there are tons of card shooting methods that are meant to be caught by a hat, the DVD Session Dynamo teaches a card effect involving a hat. I believe in some of Daniel MAdisons notes he incorporates a hat. Their is the change hat or whatever too. Its like a changebag hat.
  10. Maybe come up with a coin through hat effect?
  11. Hey now some of us who are not kids wear that too. we dont like our feet hanging out.
  12. There are embroidery machines near where I get my New Era hats. You can tell the people to embroid a card (i.e Ace Of Spades) on your hat somewhere for a revelation?

    Let me know what you think.

  13. Well for one, it's a hat. Maybe those hats with the "gangster" stuff on it is the style the person likes. I personally have one that's a New Era hat and it has a Vancouver Canucks logo on it, it's a sports team not a pot leaf or a gun. But, the ones shown in the picture were rather hip-hopish though.

    As for your question, VagueTheory's idea is awesome. It doesn't cost much to get something embroidered and it could really help your act. If you have them, you could stick a Stained Skin tattoo under the brim, and see if that works.

    Or, even get creative and create your own ideas. I haven't heard much in the "hat magic" genre but, you can use your magic intuition and do what you want.

  14. Wow!
    Thank you for the helpful advice there guys!

    But I appreciate it.
    Im going to see if I am able to make my own Change Cap out of one of my older hat's, and go from there.

    I'll keep you guys updated.

    Thanks again!

  15. Hehe, say, thanks. But I personally wouldn't used Stained Skin. They cost too much, and you could...well used other stuff. I would rather draw stuff on my skin using a Sharpie than waste money on those things. Just my $0.02.
  16. Alvin,
    do you have to say something rude in EVERY freakin thread here?
    If you dont have anything nice to say, please, dont say anything at all.
    Please be kinder around here, or im afraid you WILL get banned eventually.
    Now then, back on topic.
    Heres a freebie for ya!
    Force a card, and have a doup. in your hat before hand.
    Bam, simple card to hat.

    Calvin Lauber
  17. Unless of course you get $150 to Ellusionist for Christmas :)

  18. Pst! He's already been banned, look at the title under his username
  19. card thru baloon.....with a hat

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