New extreme card magic! Must watch

Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
I would not make such heavy use of reversing your clips, it can look good once or twice but too much just looks cheesy and gives off an air of heavy editing, which in my opinion is not something you want related to your magic. Everything that you do is good, by all means. As I believe Christopher mentioned in your other thread with this video, you don't do anything on there that sets you apart from other magicians. Since it is probably not the tricks that you do that sets you apart, but instead your personality or how you perform, you need to figure out a way to communicate that through your video. Sleight of hand and flourishes are flashy, but I know and I'm sure Ellen at this point knows that if that is what your looking for, you can find some ridiculous performers throughout youtube and the general internet (Some might not agree with me but a certain Shin Lim comes to mind). So yeah, try to communicate who it is that you are in performance. If anything is going to sell you, that is it. Also, the quotes are a good idea if your goal is to reach public acclaim, I like it.
Here is some feedback, Stop posting this video over and over again under different names. Just post once, maybe throw it up on the media section. Honestly with the video i was just seeing some guy trying to show off to get on Ellen, which doesnt say much about you other than you want publicity.
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