New Feature on Vanishing Inc Magic!

Oct 17, 2007
Aussie NSW
Ok guys

Im sure a few of you have bought from Vanishing inc and bought some of the downloads.

You have to watch these clips on the accuall site which is no problem BUT have you ever wanted to take your Vanishing Inc Download with you?

Well now you can!!

Vanishing Inc now lets you download the videos which is cool and they have still kept the watch online feature for those who dont want to download the videos.

So now you can take vanishing inc where ever you go haha.

Just letting you guys know if you didnt already

Just letting you guys know because there was a little hussle and bussle over at the big green forum.

Here is what Andi says

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that we have now launched the ability to download videos from Vanishing Inc.

To download your purchases, simply log in as usual and click the "Download" button next to each download. As many users like to watch the videos online, we've kept this feature. This makes us the only online magic shop, to our knowledge, that allows you to both download and play your videos online.

You may view our downloads here:



Good stuff guys.

P.S im not advertising haha kepping you guys up to date
If there are any problems with that you may take this down.

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