New Found at Tornado Cut & Need some Help

May 4, 2008

Here,i found his torna cut need to do with his left hand to help it spin ,too.

I thought it is only done by ring finger to make it spin.

And now,my question. I always spin and then drop cas my pinkie is too

small ,and it will spin out of my hand.second,when i do tornado cut,the other edge

stick againist to my left hand's palm,when i spin,the card's edge will always change its places,any suggestion?

Sorry,my english's not very good.Hard to understand,reply if u have problem understanding my words
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Apr 22, 2008
ok, did you buy the tornado cut DVD? No: then you should get it. (I think is outta print tho)

Yes: Go over it.

Thats all I can say.

Good Luck
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