New ground-breaking method for TK

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  2. Looks pretty sweet man. Keep us posted on when you plan to release it.

    Matthew Mello
  3. Not my style but man it was sweet and clean I love it !!!
  4. Looks very good.
  5. Looks cool, Looking forward to hearing more!

  6. wow...this looks pretty sweet! post some more....especially the releasedate and the price ^^
    i really hope to see/hear/read more about it!!!
  7. wow, that does look insane, please keep us posted, thats SICK
  8. Wow dude this looks pretty crazy. If this really is a method that has never been touched before then, hats off to you. If not, i still give you mad props. Looks wicked clean. Can't wait to hear more info on it.
  9. I am very excited about this!
  10. Could go well in conjunction with your 'FALL' Matt!

    TK is becoming ever more interesting!

  11. Apart from the weird leather gloves at the start, it looks awesome!
    Dee, any ideas? :p

  12. I liked the leather gloves...

    Looks great, could be nice to follow Shudder - Shudder being quite a quick burst of TK, then you could slow it down with KP's effect.

    I'm looking forward to this :)


  13. My thoughts exactly.

  14. Glad you like it. I will keep everyone informed about its release. It's about to enter production, then I plan to have it in the shops. We're looking at maybe January sometime.

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