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  1. Ello all! Just wanted to let you guys now that I will be posting more tricks and 'ideas' more often now :)

    So for those who enjoy my work you see all the new newest tricks here.

    I just posted a new self filling water bottle idea. Feel free to check it out and I'd love some feedback on what you guys would like to see more of in the future.
    Remember say no to drugs.

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and said all the kind words its really means alot.

    - Wayne
  2. Really nice effect. If it looks as good live as it does in this clip then that's an amazing trick. In my opinion, it seems a lot better than tab and MandM, but that's just me!
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    The effect totally fooled me, I encourage you to keep up with your ideas, it's great to see someone young creating awesome magic using something other than cards and coins and if that certain someone is also not named Calen Morelli, all I can say is well done!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new ideas!

    EDIT: Oh, and considering that TnR twist, I saw Blake Vogt doing something almost identical over here at 1:18 (the ending) and 3:57(the whole effect):

    His presentation is a little different , but the mechanics of the restoring move look pretty much the same to me. Still, good job coming up with it on your own!
  4. Very nice! It seemed to take a long time, as in there was a lot of shaking going on. If you could find a way to shorten the time of the "fill" maybe? Other than that it looks awesome! Keep the ideas flowing!
  5. Thanks guys for all the feedback!


    The shaking is necessary for the effect, but you could shake the bottle a bit then show the water bottle has filled up a bit, give it another shake and then show it has filled a bit more( maybe half way), then another shake showing it has filled to the top.
    So you can make the fill in steps or just shake it once and have it filled.
  6. This, your impromptu coin vainsh/change, and the self charging iphone I'd totally buy. Just sayin :)
  7. I like it man...something different / outside the box.
  8. the Coin vanish/change was insane. And the fact that you vanished it off someone's hand makes it more impressive to me. Very cool.
  9. Absolutely love the water bottle effect. I was going to echo whoever said that it's a lot a shaking, but the fact that you can pause, show half full, pause, show 3/4 full (or something along those lines) completely makes up for it.

    Keep up the awesome work!
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    Thanks! Like I said for the method, you have to shake the bottle. Im trying to come up with a way I can just sit it on the table and do a Eric Ross(crush) and just stare at it , then it fills on its own. That would be pretty boss I must admit but this is what I got so far. And yes you can pause at anytime and show how full it is at that point and then so on so forth :)
    [​IMG] ----My face when i learn that method.

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