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  1. You ever done crowdfunding before?
  2. What is crowd funding?
  3. I guess that answers my question. Kickstarter is crowdfunding, the idea of calling upon a community to donate the completion funds for a project piecemeal. Running one of these campaigns is way harder than it sounds. Do you have a mailing list?
  4. Wow...I actually like the design for once. Every time someone posts a kickstarter thread, their deck or apparel is so-so and doesn't look very appealing to a mass market. This design is sharp and clean. Well done. I hope this goes successfully for you.
  5. Unless he has a mailing list, it won't. Crowdfunding is way harder than it sounds. I tried it once and failed and spent over a month afterward researching everything I did wrong.
  6. I will be getting a brick

    I will be buying a brick
  7. Wait where is the stars and spades deck that I've seen all over the place?
  8. I understand what you are saying Steer and you are correct. You need to be mass emailing hundreds of people on lists and letting that spread like wild fire. If you don't have those contacts you're dead in the water and will probably only come up with about 1/3 of the cash necessary.
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    OUCH, wrong answer.
    One thing I've heard from a number of friends & coworkers that have given money to Kickstarter campaigns that have gotten full funding (for various things from comic books "ready to print!" to tech to apparel) is that they all have one thing in common: the end product always always always always always always gets delayed by months from the campaigner's unexperienced estimate.

    Now, looking at your Kickstarter page, is there anything here that you need Kickstarter for that you couldn't have already uploaded to Cafe Press (for multiple shirt types & misc other things like coffee mugs) or Spreadshirt (not just for the shirts anymore either it seems) and made available to the public to order TODAY?
    I like your design of the star-spade. But it's just one clip-art-like image on the front of a shirt, nothing special going on; no fancy sleeve pinstriping nor UV ink splashes along the bottom wrapping around the sides. I could design that same image in Photoshop in 5 minutes (Photoshop's built-in "Custom Shapes" tool features both the classic 5-pointed star as well as a spade) and then upload to either of those sites. [I won't, I promise! That's not how I live my life.]

    Also, a bit of marketing advice:
    The last image on the page is the header for the section about the description of the shirt itself. The image features a topless girl.
    "Sex sells" I guess is the cliche motto? But you're not selling sex. You're selling shirts. I want to see the shirts, front & back, and on multiple models not just the skinniest ones. What will this shirt look like on a 200lb woman? What will it look like on a 300lb middle-aged man (you know, most local magicians! sorry couldn't resist, it was from something Chris Kenner said in a lecture once a long time ago!)

    Well, GLHF!
  10. One more thing that stands out that you could add that will really help your campaign sell (after you remove the topless girl not showing off your shirt)...
    Add shipping details!

    In the Risks section you state that you have never shipped overseas and plan to have friends help with the details.
    Why have you NOT already done this research and posted it on the Kickstarter page for the confidence of your backers?

    For confidence in your campaign, there should be a section on this page that says something like:
    "I will be shipping using XYZ service (FedEx?) and standard ground-shipping rates in the USA and will provide tracking numbers.
    Packages will be shipped in XYZ service's own boxes and not manila envelopes stuffed with yesterday's newspaper.
    For international shipping rates please see this chart.
    " <--link to that shipping service's webpage with their int'l shipping rates.

    Anyway, my posts here are written sincerely to provide intelligent advice to help you. I mean no offense nor sarcasm.
    Seriously, good luck! I'd like to see this project come to fruition.

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