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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. I am game for a lively chat..what are the best sites for this to happen..
    get back to me and i will set it up.

    Justin N. Miller
  2. man, are you THE justin miller? (I just sounded like a crazy fanboy jajaja) It would be nice man, I dont know wich sites are good, but if something comes up Ill tell you, by the way, how are you doing?
  3. Hey Justin! A few people here use the Theory11 mIRC channel just about everyday. It's a good place to chat!

  4. im always down for a live chat with any magicians
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    mebeam I find is a great one. I would say skype, but it's only one on one

    EDIT: oh yeah. skype can only have like ten people...
  6. Hey Justin, good to see you back on the forums. Probably the best place to do this would be Not sure if you have ever used it, but it's a webcam chatroom that many of us use.

    If you haven't used it before, keep reading. If you have, you can stop. Basically, you go to the site and it asks for you to type in a room. All you have to do is post the name of the room you type in (it could be anything from dum-diddles to jmilleris#1) in this thread, and we can all join in.

    Hope to see everybody there.

  7. Mebeam has a limit to the number of people in a room though. Skype has multiple chat option, text and voice, and as I said a second ago mIRC is a good place also.

  8. I was about to head to bed (1:15am here), but if I get to chat with Justin! ha!

    Stuff sleep!
  9. =P [Smiley Count]

  10. True. I've never used Skype or mIRC before. Do they have video?

  11. he hasn;t posted it yet. he;'s just asking if anyone was interested.

    IRC does not have video, but skype does, but the video is only one on one
  12. I know,

    I was just asking for it to be posted :p
  13. As Dizzi stated, Skype has video, but only for 2 people (Skype has the best sound quality available and it multi-user friendly). mIRC doesn't have video but is a great chat place.

    The only place that allows more then 2 people to share video at once is mebeam, but there IS a limit on how many people can be in a room at once.

  14. what is Theory11 mIRC channel?
  15. server:
    channel: #theory11
  16. The server is Dallas, and the room is theory11 (not capitalized.)

  17. Damn, beat me to it.

  18. can someone explain please?
  19. mirc is a chat program ( ). It basically hosts large chats.

    you can download the software at the link in here.
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