New Magic of Japan by Richard Kaufman. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Josh0606, May 10, 2020.

  1. What is this book exactly? Is it any good? Should I get it? Let me know.
  2. That depends.

    There are quite a few effects that utilise homemade gaffs/gimmicks, so if you're okay with doing a little arts and crafts, this book could be for you. The material is mostly close up with a few items available for parlor shows.

    There are 25 effects in total, and all are unique in some way. You won't be getting handling a of common card plots in this collection. There's a lot of original thought here.

    I got it for a few of the effects: the MA Coin Propulsion taught in Masao Atsukawa's "Coin Fugue", as well as Yoshihiko Mutobe's "Quadruplicate Spellbound".

    Again, it's full of,... Unique material. Not for everyone, but a lot of interesting and workable ideas.

  3. Hmm okay. Is their any good stuff when it comes to card work?
  4. Is there a type of card work you're looking for? There's a few clever routines with gaffed cards and a card box, but it's really not much of a card book. There's a Card Ping Chen move that has promise.
  5. I would say that I like stuff with cards in general. I don't mind doing a few things with other genres of magic either from time to time.

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