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  1. Lets say that I want to produce a "new" effect, how do I make sure that this effect wasn't already made by someone else? Is there a database that can supply me with info about effects already made?
  2. First: Assume it's been done before. This will save you a lot of grief - most of us have re-invented existing tricks many times.

    Second: Research, like at the site JoshL8 gave you or the Beir archive (sp?).

    Third: Make a video, host it somewhere discreet (unlisted on YouTube or behind a password on Vimeo, for example) and show it to people who know more than you. People like RealityOne who has an encyclopedic level of knowledge.
  3. Actually, the Behr (named after Dennis Behr) Archive is now Also, check out magipedia (which is connected with Genii magazine), the Magic Cafe (there are some great posts on history of effects), the Genii Forums (again, some great posts) and for tables of contents for magic books.

    I'd say show it to multiple people. My knowledge is mostly book and periodical based, so something could be on a DVD or or in a video and it would completely fly past me. Also, my book collection is limited (although I know people who have significantly larger collections and can access them for research) and my focus is mostly historical research (e.g. origins and variations of plots and sleights). Nonetheless, always glad to help.
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  4. Don't worry if the effect already exists, what matters is having "an original method" (which can be based on public domain effect(s) if necessary).
  5. Very good advice. Magic sites like Penguin and Theory11 also check the originality before publishing your trick so maybe send them a draft version of the idea first before shooting the final video.
  6. Quick note here: We don't offer pre-approvals for the Marketplace. If you want to publish on the Marketplace you have to submit both a completed trailer and instructional video. From there it will either be approved for publication or declined.

    Official trick submissions: You would send us a video of the trick in action, with a brief description of the effect. If our team is interested, they will be in contact. You are not guaranteed a response from them if they are not interested.

    Your best bet would be to follow the advice above that was detailed by RealityOne, Christopher, and Josh.

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