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  1. Hello! I am newer to the flourishing community, well I'm nit really apart of it as I can't flourish that well, . But I have been practicing magic and that lead me to create a new concept on the pass (a card from one hand to another). I have smaller hands and tried the thumb pass (as shown by @TheRussianGenius) but my hands have always been an obstical for me. So I decided to get creative and created what I call the Arrowhead pass. It relies on misdirection, speed, and as all passes require good hand-eye coordination. I find it to be an easy concept but that is most likely bias since I formed it. Now, I apologize if this move is already out there, I PROMISE I discovered it on my own, I could not find anything like this, hense why I am posting this to ask if it has been created before along with to share it. I apologize if this tutorial seems like it was made for dummies, I just want to be as thorough as possible for beginners such as myself.
    The Arrowhead Pass

    1. Start off by holding your deck in Mechanics grip.

    2.Place your thumb on top of the deck.

    3. Pull the top card off by pulling your thumb inwards far enough to slip your index finger underneath the card.

    4. By placing pressure (press inwards) on the elevated card using the base of your thumb and the end of your middle finger, flick the card off using your index finger and if done right, it should fly off.


    If you practice this pass well enough, you will look like a badass. No matter your skill level, I feel this can be a go to pass. Let me know your experiences and what you think in the comments and I'm glad I could maybe help someone out!

    P.S I use miniature decks for most of my magic as I have more confidence performing my moves with them and more control, but this pass will work with any size deck even if you have smaller hands!
  2. Are you sure you have your terminology correct?
    A pass is a Card Control used in magic to invisibly "cut" the deck to a selection, and control it to a specific location. There are any variations on the pass. There is also a set of coin magic moves called passes where you end up switching the coin's or apparent location in many ways.

    I think what you are referring to is a shot, like the top shot or hot shot, which allow you to shoot cards from hand to hand, or from a deck to somewhere else. What you are thinking of may be a Thumb shot. Also, what I think you are doing is the regular "shot" but with a deck. The "shot" (I don't know the actual name, I'm not a cardist, but I do do the move quite often. Someone out there please let me know!) is when you hold a card between your thumb and middle finger and use your index to build up tension,. You then give the card a little flick, releasing the tension and shooting the card.

    You are essentially doing this while holding a deck in your hand in your move. Nice effort though, keep practicing and see what you can do with it.

    You might want to learn Lenart Green's Top Shot, which ends up accomplishing the same effect as the move you are doing, but with much better control and signifigantly less visible motion (you can even use it in magic routines, and build tricks around it).
  3. Yes i misspoke, Arrowhead shot. As i mentioned i am still nee to this whole scene. I apologize.
  4. No problem! However, as I learned in a similar fashion, terminology is crucial. If you right the wrong thing - even if the 2 things were ridiculously simple - it will confuse everybody.

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