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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by William Draven, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. William Draven has just published his personal tell all ebook detailing the real world workings of getting business as a magician, and keeping it! Draven has combined years of experience into a powerful essay designed to empower even the most novice performer with the ability to get paid to perform.

    Draven's successful "How To Get Gigs, and Keep Clients" essay, originally published on Theory11 forums has gone on to garner the respect from other powerhouses in the magic world. Draven has expanded upon his original concept, adding to existing chapters, expanding upon original concepts and ideas, adding in templates for contracts, thank you letters, technical riders, and cold call sheets. He's also added a new chapter that was cut from the original essay bringing this powerhouse of an ebook up to over 80 pages in length. Don't take my word for it, this is what others have to say about it:

    This E-Book is a powerful marketing and business primer that has been designed to put as much powerful information about getting gigs, and getting paid into the hands of the budding talent as possible. By following Draven's helpful advice you too can learn how to convert your hobby into an additional source of income.

    Buy it now by Clicking Here
  2. Congrats dude!
    I hope people will cherish this. This is something every young artist should have in their bookcase just to have something to refer to if there is something wrong.
    I know i have a book like that and everyone should.

  3. Great Idea! Sounds Awesome!
  4. Whats the deal with magicians talking about themselves in thirdperson?.
  5. It's supposed to look more professional, like someone has written it about you rather than writing it yourself. Not my thing but I believe that's what it's about.
    $25 is a bit expensive for some hints and tips on business, no? There are books available for less than that and they have more acclaim than you. Do you have any credible testimonials William?
  6. Yes, here is one. The material in this PDF is worth a gold brick. There are so many things that he tells you, that you can only get with experience. I remember telling him this is worth way more than 25 bucks! I 100% back him up on his PDF because it helped me A LOT! In fact, I printed out the original, and put it in a binder so I could re-read it and see what I missed. THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!! If you pass on it and our serious in magic, you are an idiot. GET THIS!
  7. I don't mean to sound like an ass Zac but how are you a credible testimonial?
    Personally I don't think I need it as I attended Paul Daniels masterclass workshop that he put on some years ago which included something very similar to what William has done here, except Paul Daniels has had real success, but I'm curious as to why and how this is priced at $25.
  8. I am a credible testimonial, because I HAVE READ IT. Can't get more credible than that! It's a gift at the price of 25 bucks man. You don't have to buy it, that's the cool thing! If you don't like it, don't buy it. Seems like you made up your mind anyway.
  9. Congrats man! :)
  10. You're not credible just because you have read it. If you was doing 5 paid shows a year then started hitting 20 or more shows a year because of Williams instructions then you would be credible. I'm sure it is great and will give people the knowledge they need, I'm just trying to determine how William is qualified to give this information.
  11. Did you not see the testimonials Strebler, Brumbalow, and Dee Christopher gave it?
  12. Morgan Strebler, Dee Christopher, Jason VP at Ellusionist are not creditable enough for you? I can give you more... but I think that's a bit over kill.

    Honestly, I wanted to set the price at 21$ but that wasn't an option. I believe the price is worth the value in the book, but that's just me. Yes It's a wee bit more expensive than normal, but I believe in the product.
  13. Actually (and Im not trying to aid Will) His credentials speak for himself. I believe that he has more than enough experience in the area to actually know what he his talking about. If there is a guy who definetly knows the ins and outs of how to make a career out of magic, is this guy.
  14. Formula, I don't want to post this, because it feels a little too much like bragging, but since it's on my artist profile I'll use this to answer your question.

    William Draven has been entertaining audiences around the nation for well over ten years appearing on TV, Theater, Theme Parks, and Trade Shows across the nation. He's appeared frequently on the national television program "Masters of Illusion", performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, headlined at Jeff Mc'Bride's Wonderground in Las Vegas, and entertained some of Hollywood's brightest stars. He just completed his second national tour with the traveling carnival sideshow troupe the FreakShow Deluxe, and is a favorite among some of the nations largest Anime and Steam Punk trade show conventions. As a valued member of the forums Draven continues to support the magic community with his wisdom and insight into the world of the performing artist.

    Also, not listed anywhere but My mentors include names like Aye Jaye, Paul Draper, and Luna Shimada. Not to sound arrogant, but I think I'm qualified.
  15. Pfffffft!~ Show off...... :p
  16. If you've spent a few years here on this website, it becomes obvious that William is one of the few that knows A TON about magic. He is more than qualified.
  17. I don't think Zack is a credible testimonial just because he read the book. Reading a book doesn't really make you a credible testimonial to it. Otherwise, I am a credible testimonial to Hugard and Braue because I have read their books. etc etc.

    I do agree though that this is a better a thing than what most will start to put up on The Wire.
  18. How are you supposed to find stuff in The Wire? I can only see the featured and newest downloads and artists and the artist search doesn't work? 3 years my ass :confused:

    The reason I ask is because no one will see the PDF without the link which to me is messed up.
  19. Click General Magic. The PDF is at the bottom of the list.
  20. Don't want to single anyone out but this is the 3rd time this has happend. My name is "Zac" not Zack. Its just a pet peeve of mine, I hate when people misspell my name. I do respect your opinion though!

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