New release tonight...

Feb 1, 2011
Looks like it's a one way back which i don't like . But i'll still get it cause the box looks reaaaallly cool . Lol


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Sep 14, 2008
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I guess I just don't get overly excited as some of you. I just continue to use standard cheap bikes for all of my performances. I understand everyone has different feelings about custom and nice cards so I am not bashing. The cards do look intriguing though.
Jan 12, 2011
Hmm.. You know... I was going to order some artifices this weekend... but seeing this makes me curious. I may wait a bit to see what the deck itself looks like.

If you hit "next image" you can look at the back and face cards. not sure if T11 will make any slight changes though
Mar 12, 2011
These cards are going to be priced much lower than the ones on the JAQK Cellars website. You guys are going to love these! They feel superb for magic AND flourishing. :)
I cant wait! They better be great! However when theory11 sells decks they only sell the best of the best so im sure they will be AMAZING!
Jan 12, 2011
Only thing I don't like about them is the one way backs. Same reason I don't like Guardians
Feb 9, 2011
With any luck this means T11 is doing their own take on these cards and they won't be branded for the winery per se but rather more general use. I don't care if they are the best-ever-never-made-again cards in the universe, the farther away from card-related commercial brands and themes a deck gets, the less interested I am in them no matter how well they handle. So when great decks have known casino brands or World Poker Tour-type brands, I gravitate toward them. But if they're things like Coca-Cola cards or Tide laundry detergent cards or Pepto Bismol cards or Viagra cards*, I generally could not care less about them as (to my tastes; yours may vary and that's completely fine) such cards just don't "match" with the flourish/magic work on display. When the designs are traditional and/or original (and not promoting a specific commercial brand) I'm game for anything though.

*Besides, those Viagra cards are always printed on extra-stiff stock for some unknown reason.
If memory serves correct, I believe these Jqck cards were designed by the same team that did the Sentinel deck for T11. I can't remember where I found that out, but I'm assuming that's how they got connected. The face cards on the Jqck cards are very classy. The basic style is similar to the Sentinels in my opinion. I love that look. However, I'm kinda broke... So... Yeah. :( It's cool though.
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