New Releases Tonight at 11?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Legendary, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Other than Genesis V2 what do you guys predict will be the other releases for tonight? Just wondering what other people are hoping for...
  2. There is rumored to be a Marcus Eddie rubberband DVD coming out in March (this month..could be tomorrow).
    With original creations and twists on classics
  3. Hmm i think the new T&R
  4. i say something from calen morelli, the T&R and possible the marcus eddie rubber band thing :]
  5. ...Stingers
  6. I hope so. I'm down to a single deck now.
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    I will be releasing something tonight. 11pm is not to far away...
  8. maybe the new deck one or the new stingers. Or maybe f9, im kind of surprised t11 doesn't sell that.
  9. Well it is a papercrane product. So I see why they don't.
  10. Blake Vogt has had products rumored forever now, so at least a couple things from him. Can't wait!
  11. I think I know what t&r Blake is releasing so I hope thats one!

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