New Stooge Product

Nov 30, 2007
Personally I would rather just buy a great Mentalism piece and practice it than cheat my way out of it with a stooge.
A very interesting application. I assume you will need your stooge in the audience inorder for this to work. I assume the stooge would press a button causing your phone in your pocket to vibrate when you are right, leaving you to just guess until you've got the right one. The rest is acting. [This is not exposure since the website pretty much says that above on the product discription.]

Yes this can be VERY powerful. This also could be a magician fooler since you could work aspects of traditional mentalism methods into your act only to show at the last minute to your magician friends you are totaly clean.

However, with that being said I see one major down side. You would either have to have 1 stooge who is always with you at your shows and could possibly be identified by someone who'se sharp. Or you're going to have to have several friends download this app on their phones which they will probably never use themselves.

Over all from what I read the effect looks awesome and I'd probably try it out if I had the money to blow,
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