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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Gomeriffic, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. 'ello! just made some new stuff, thought id share it. First, a new sandwich effect i call "Cemetery Sandwich", using the grave turnover move. plus, no stupid card pulls! my other one is a deck transpo, similar to the 4 to 1 transpo, but with 2 separate cards. Any name ideas?

    Feedback is encouraged.
  2. hmmm maybe you should show us a clip or something?
  3. Sorry, it was bothering me >_< It's not a new effect sandwiches have been done before!! It's just a new handling.

    I agree, a clip would be useful if you want help on a name :) They both sound like cool effects though.

    - Sean
  4. Both of those effects sound really good =)
    For a name, maybe call it "Flash"? Only an idea
    Oh and isn't the grave turnover taught on the Trilogy?

  5. yeah, thats where i learned it.
  6. Is the grave turnover move used in the first vanish of The Queens?

  7. simply, no.
  8. Is the Grave Turnover move by Mark DeSouza?
  9. people, can we take these Qs to the product questions area?

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