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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fusion, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. hey just wanted to stop in and say hello to this community and maybe get a little guidance.

    i just started learning some magic about a week ago and i found this site. Amazing what ive seen on here.
    so where is a good place to start? Dont want to waste money on nonsense or at least as little as possible
  2. Hi and Welcome. Can you tell me how you found T11?

    And I would recommend getting the Complete course in Magic by Mark Wilson. You can get it at most book stores like a Borders or Barnes and Noble.

    Go to your library and check out theboooks about magic and, yeah.
  3. Books: 13 steps to mentallisim (

    DVDs: Born to perform card magic (,On the Spot (

    Tricks: Strange Travelers (, Loops (, Panic (

    That should get you started on the right foot remeber to practise.
  4. i just stumbled across this site... im on the internet alot, so when i decided to start pursuing magic first place i went is the internet, found alot of garbage (alot on you tube and thats not how i want to learn.) so i just stumbled onto this site liked what i saw and now im here.

    i bought witness and prophet, absolutely amazing!!! was able to try witness on some people and the reactions i got were awsome!

    i would like to know how to do magic properly and leave people amazed and talking about it after, and this site looks like a very good starting point.
  5. Hey, I just posted on a similar thread before seeing this one. :D
    One guy was also new to magic, maybe you could use some of the advice. Here it is :

    I don't know about starting immediately with those kinds of tricks but hey, if that's what you want and you can do it well, then by all means go for it.

    Maybe you should get the basics down first. Royal Road and Expert at the Card Table are only some of the many sources you might want to look into.

    Good Luck! :D
  6. Seconded. I can not recommend this highly enough. I still watch the DVD periodically, since it's even a great refresher for experienced magicians. You WILL use these tricks, even as you become more accomplished.


    Here's what it teaches (copied and pasted from penguin magic):


    * Mechanic?s Grip
    * Biddle Grip
    * Pinky Break
    * Thumb Break
    * Dribble to Secure a Break
    * Swing Cut
    * Swivel Cut
    * Double Lift
    * Top Palm


    * Ultimate Transpo
    * Two Card Monte
    * Biddle Trick
    * Ambitious Card


    * Classic Pass
    * Hindu Shuffle Pass
    * Double Undercut
    * One Handed Top Palm
    * Elmsley Count
    * Spread Cull
    * Swing Swivel Cut


    * Hindu Shuffle
    * Riffle Shuffle


    * 2 Handed Thumb Fan
    * Le Paul Spread
    * Springing the Cards
    * Erdnase Color Change
    * One Handed Thumb Fan
    * Hot Shot Cut [Daryl]
    * Pendulum Cut [Hooser]
    * Trinary Cut [Acer]

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