New Utility Move! Help Needed!

Sep 2, 2007
Hey guys! I created this move a little bit ago, and was wondering if you guys had any applications for the move. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link:

Look into a few versions of Triumph and I'm sure you'll see the potential of the move. I'd be careful about claiming it as original, though, because it's not dissimilar to other things that are already around. Good work on discovering it for yourself though!
Oct 16, 2010
Blacksburg, VA
I "created" something almost exactly the same as this about 3 years ago. The only difference is that the cards were not spread. Instead the cards was just side jogged to be shown and then controlled to the bottom using the same method. I also have a download available on The Wire with one similar control to the bottom of the deck but the card does not end up reversed. This move would be great for the effect called "Dinner for Two" (just search for it on youtube) or anything of the sort. You could also have two cards selected without looking at either. Do that sleight and then cut that card to the center after finding the other selection after losing it in the deck. Miscall the first card as the second one and make the other card "turn over" in the deck by itself. Then show the cards to have switched. If that wasn't too clear, I'd be happy to make a video to show you what I mean. Just let me know.



Jun 5, 2012
There are so many uses for a reversed card on the bottom of the deck. One very simple but effective one that comes to mind at the moment is to have your head turned away as they replace the card.. do the control and then peak the card. You can now read their minds and tell them what their card was, but you supposedly never saw it and it is buried in the middle of the deck.

How does the move you are doing actually look from a realistic angle? I suspect there may be some angle issues on your right but overall your handling of the move (from the current angle) looked very good. I have worked on a very different move that achieves the exact same result, but with the addition of being able to leave a convincer out-jogged:
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Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
You could do an impromptu invisible deck. I might also suggest a variation on the biddle effect. You could replace the biddle steal with this move.
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