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  1. hey guys,
    juss wanted to let you know that my bro and i juss made a vid, i was pretty impressed at the editing bc it was really his second time doing it and it was used w windows movie maker, not the greatest editing tool, but i hope you like it.

    Constructive criticism is welcome

    Oops here is the link
  2. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn. really? Not original, sloppy, boring, nextttttt.
  3. Well that was totally helpful.

    The video was definitely more alive than others but everything else was the same.Seems you got your moves down pretty solid,and you should know it.
    But thats not even half of whats important in these tricks.
    Why arent you performing these in front of a spectator?
    EVERYONE can critique your technicality until their blue in the face,all that wont help you on the field.
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    that was helpful too.

    honestly, i guess its your style. Or there lackof. you want advice, so work on that.
  5. Its "or lack thereof"
  6. hey my fault man, i am horrible with written grammar.
  7. Real review

    Okay so this is from a laymen and objective viewpoint no personal feelings other then for the music has influenced this.

    The video was okay, and it could use a bit of zazz ie different angles and settings. The titles were too long for this video, and so were the credits. *Grabs a pen and paper and writes down “List of music artists not to listen too”* Jay/z definitely killed some of this video first off I was distracted by the lyrics, try not to use music with lyrics in videos that have no live spoken word.

    Double lifts need a bit of work ie wrist kill for the push over or misdirection something to cover the action of seeing two cards moving. It kills the illusion because instead of the spectator seeing one card being moved and shown, they see two cards moving. Its an image thing. In the beginning effect where the double was the appearance of the sandwich was made into two movements, which should look like one. At first I didn’t know how or what this slam bam was going to do. With that said the card moving forward on top of the deck and then the hand moving to retrieve the three was a give away for this once layperson to this effect.

    The dribble or spring change thing was good. I do not know the control used but know that there is one do to the sloppiness of doing the simple task of closing a deck of cards. The change itself was executed well, and the reveal of the two was okay but needs just a little more work, smoothness is key with these slam bam tricks. Also camera work needs improvement, that is just a note to pass to your camera man whose name I am sure was mentioned in the lengthy credit but I stopped watching and let the possible pedo’s view your personal information through the internet.
    *Grabs his automatic shotgun and empties 30 rounds of buck shot on your deck of cards making it confetti.*
    “Do not do the classic pass with a face up card on camera!!!.” Moving on, the
    Erdnase and the variations took to long for the reveal especially the one were it was slowed down. Also in that slowed down version there is a flash, watch your windows. To much useless movement for my taste. Try to trim away some of that fat on the meat would you, I do not need to be a fat wolf, and neither does the Erdnase with flashy jazz hand fingers and waves.

    Twirl change was good, just wish it had a good story to go with it. Oh back to the Erdnase thing. The vanish which I believe was on a DM dvd took way to long. Timing is key keep that in mind, not fatty jazz hands and such.

    The Ego/cardini I can’t tell them apart was good probably one of the better color changes in this clip. Now you ready for the macro of the video? Well here it comes anyway ready or not. First off I highly suggest you look at this thread before doing anything else video related,
    The credits and title sequence was way to long and had me bored and unhyped to watch this video. The boredom was maintained throughout the video, it lacked the use of a formula. X+_=Z X= sleight of hand Z= video what was missing in the equation is presentation.

    Upcoming Artists? Possibly but I am an optimist and believe that everyone has potential to be an artist in I am assuming magic. Don’t get your hopes up is all I am say, there was no originality that I could tell, nothing to separate you from one Joe Shmoe to another. You want to become an artist of magic then I suggest sitting down and thinking and use your creativity to create your own effects and character. To sum it all up, you are nothing better then any other person who has posted here, not trying to be mean its just the truth.

    Here are my notes I took during the viewing of this.

    Things about the video editing:
    • If it takes almost 30 seconds to do a very simple opening its too long.
    • Then there is 30 seconds of ending credits.
    • Song Sucked What I do not like rap for a music I mean magic video.
    • The DL you had a very big tell in the beginning doing the sandwich thing.
    • The reveal of the sandwich was made into two movements, ie the top card
    was moving forward before your hand reached for the three.
    • Nice change with the dribble/spring I couldn’t tell because my eyes had to readjust for the zoom and the angle.
    • Don’t do classic passes face up it’s a utility move and not meant to be seen. We are magicians and we know what is going on without the added visual.
    • To much movement for an Erdnase
    • Flashed through windows in the slow mo of the erdnase
    • Twirl change was good
    • The other sandwich effect was okay, work on the cleanliness of the pass
    • The DM wave vanish took to long its all about timing. Second erdnase was better but still a bit to much movement for my liking
    • Very good Ego/Cardini they both look the same.
  8. Do not use rap in a magic video. Completely kills the feeling of wonder for me.

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