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    Thank you for looking at my website. I would love some serious feedback and opinions. I love getting feedback from the folks here at Theory11. It's super helpful to make some important changes.

    Thank you, Steven Brundage
  2. Overall, the design is relatively clean and clear, and I really like the choice of image on the landing page, but I do have some suggestions for improvement.

    1. You're trying to sell yourself, so you need to make it as easy as possible for your clients to book you. Therefore, I would make the "Book Steven Now" link much more prominent. I would probably have it at the bottom of your intro text on the front page, and then in an equally prominent position on every other page.

    2. I would employ a professional copywriter or do some research yourself into how to write for marketing purposes. I'm afraid the writing isn't very good at the moment. Ask yourself, what is there on the landing page of the site to persuade someone to book you? Or even to click through to read more?

    3. While we're talking about text, is it meant to be centred or left-justified? It's a bit of both throughout the site and could probably do with being a bit more consistent.

    4. What award did you win? You call yourself "Award Winning Magician" but I couldn't find any details of this on the site.
  3. Find what works for you. Do more of that. If nothing is working.. try again.

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