New World Order by Warren Thackeray

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  1. Review of New World Order by Warren Thackeray

    I first became aware of Warren Thackeray through the works of a couple of big names and was super excited to see something with his name on it.

    To start off I’ll describe the effect as best I can:

    Without giving away the performance part, it’s a very snappy pseudo-hypnosis induction. Followed by whatever you whatever process you want to act out before doing as many reveals as you think are believable. You can also do the procedure, and then info blast with absolutely nothing in-between, which I think makes it even more inexplicable if you’re so inclined.

    It’s a potentially very multilayered reveal of information. It could be anything from numbers, names, birthdates, etc. There are so many things that could be gathered with this method that it’s possible to have a freight-train reveal and unload one thing after another.

    Gathering the information is so streamlined, and there is absolutely no fishing. Nothing is written by the participant, no PA either. Not even any DR in the harvesting.

    Its brilliant in its’ depravity in this way. The participant will have absolutely no idea how you could know any of what you told him. The participant is going to be just as amazed as the audience, if not more because it’s a high detail, real time mind read.

    The amount of information you can get from this is absolutely staggering and happens in just an instant. In many situations the revelations could be teased out over the course of many minutes if you desired or just be quite punchy one after another.

    My thoughts on the effect:

    Warren demonstrated this for me and WOW! To watch how the whole thing happens is amazing! If you see this done by a seasoned performer, you will be sad to know the how-to part of this. That part is brilliant too, but knowing it immediately makes you realize what you saw wasn’t real telepathy. It’s soooo good it’s unreal.

    When I was shown New World Order I was given some time to try to back track the method and the only good idea I had in my mind was that it must be P**-***w. It most definitely is not. Everything you get happens in real time while working with the participant. The effect totally blew my mind.

    Thoughts on the over-all viability:

    You’ll notice in the ad copy for New World Order it recommends hypnosis or pseudo-hypnosis to give this a go with. I couldn’t agree more. Other approaches are possible though. You are going to need to be comfortable maneuvering the participant in order to do this, it’s kind of a “spatial mind reading” in this way.

    Consequently, even in some rare instances, you might find that you execute everything perfectly with someone who otherwise appears to be right to do this with and immediately discover you’re not going to get any info from them. You will know this immediately during the presentation and you won’t have any problems here because you already got a rise from the audience by getting into the setup and you can just pivot into something else and no one is the wiser.

    The method is fairly easy to do. If you know the situation you’re looking for to make this happen you can go for it and expect to succeed.

    What I think is super cool about this:

    You can get so much information that the presentational options are virtually unlimited. You don’t have to drop it out right after you get it. You can use the information later to appear to do PIN reveals, star signs, etc. for example. You can slow burn or explode with the presentation. Its super flexible in this way. So, it can be a standalone effect or it can be interwoven with whatever your imagination comes up with to combine it with.

    The info you get is a guaranteed hit also. Its personal, and its detailed. The method is absolutely untraceable, and you can just drop bombs with it. The most difficult part of this whole thing is how to present the information itself. This is mostly because there is usually going to be quite a lot of it, so you have to pick what to put into play and how you want to get it there.

    The participant may actually be more amazed than the audience with this one, and if asked later by others about what happened, he will have had the exact same experience as the rest of the audience. He closed his eyes and then someone started telling him a lot of information that they shouldn’t know about him. It’s exactly what the audience saw, but for him its personal.

    Who am I to write a review:

    So, this is my first time posting a review here and I feel like I should probably tell you a little about who I am now that I’ve given a review.

    I make my money in the field of psychology. I train people in cognitive skills, including short-term and long-term memory. Most of my clients are children with serious learning disabilities that are barriers for pursuing things like speech and vision therapy that they desperately need, or education generally. And adults with traumatic brain injuries. This is all accomplished by very intense and regular one-on-one training sessions.

    A number of the skills I use professionally are the same as a mentalist or hypnotist, connecting with and monitoring the client, pushing them, tracking their attention, sensing when they’re straining, and finding ways to overcome unique challenges on the fly.

    I also do performances with hypnosis and mentalism. I love anything where a person can be taken by words, thoughts, or actions to be moved to experience something different, something deeper. I love to be able to perform really brilliant things, and this one is definitely going in my tool box.


    In full disclosure, I pre-ordered a copy from MindFX and paid full price. I have not received the physical book yet and cannot describe or review anything about the editing, formatting or printing. This review only covers the effect itself. Out of respect to the creator, I have also submitted this review to editing by Warren in order to make sure I’m not exposing anything in the method or presentation that would inadvertently reveal the secret behind it or hurt sales by giving anything that could be used to reverse-engineer a similar methodology.

    I have not been offered or promised anything in exchange for this review by Warren Thackeray, or anyone else affiliated with its production or publication.

    New World Order is available here:

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