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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Are there any good magic shows which are worth visiting in NY? I have found out that where I will be living is a 20 minute walk to Tannen's Magic! Which sounds good. I want to see other magic related things out there (I will be there early January). Any recommendations are appreciated :D
  2. Monday Night Magic I have heard is very good. If you google it you will be able to find a lot out about it from their website. Best of luck!
  3. Oh also,
    Steven Cohen's Chamber Magic is amazing
    And Rogues weekly magic show is good too.

    Theres a few all over the place.
  4. Eric DeCamps Pure Magic.
  5. Oz Perlman and Ken Salaz's show together is pretty entertaining. It is called the Unseen. I'm actually not sure if it's still being performed, though.
  6. Thank you guys, I have got a map of NY today, so gotta get used to the addresses and where things are :)
  7. I have forwarded, Tannens, Fantasma, Monday Night Magic, and Manhattan Magic Show to my director, so it should be good :)
  8. Simon Lovell's show is hilarious! Not exactly a family show though...lots of profanity but it's funny as hell!
  9. Strange and Unusual Hobbies by Simon Lovell plays on Sat nights.
  10. hey im actually performing in a magic show in the city soon. december 19th at abracadabra. those are all the details i know right now but i'll definitely update this when i know more.
  11. I will be there between the 5th Jan and the 9th :) - Not long, but I have plenty to be doing!
  12. Are there any good magic shows in NY? There are TONS!!! Here are some of the magicians performing in NYC publicly these days...

    Dan White (in collaboration with Theory 11)
    Derek DelGaudio
    Joshua Jay
    Steve Cohen
    Monday Night Magic
    Noah Levine
    (Too bad you missed Derren Brown!)
    and more!

    Check out this up-to-date list of Magic Shows in New York City.
    Have fun visiting!
  13. Chamber Magic was very classic style, and the one I saw when I went. It was excellent.
    If I was to go now, I would be very very torn between Derek DelGuadio, Derren Brown (if he's still there), and Dan White's.

    Cost may be a factor, and some tickets are harder to get (like Dan's at the Nomad)

    And if you are feeling particularly lush, there's the restaurant Eleven Maddison Park. They have a 3 hour dining experience. It's 8-10 courses and is one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. They have course that includes magic (that the team of the Nomad show created). The price is about the same as a good seat at a Broadway show. So if you're a foodie, then it's apparently quite the experience. It's a food experience rather than a theater experience. - and apparently you get a special edition of the monarch decks.
  14. Isn’t this a 10 year old thread? Lol
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