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New York Magicians...

The Dark Angel

forum moderator / t11
Sep 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
I'm not from New York, however, Jack The Magician (along with several other users) all are, they're post here and give you some great information, I'm sure of it!
Sep 1, 2007
New Jersey
I am in New Jersey only about 5-10 minutes away from manhattan and I'm pretty sure there's a Tannen's magic shop somewhere in NYC. Not sure exactly where though. You could always google it


I'm in stonybrook long island and there is a shop call Ronjo's. They used to make stuff for Criss Angel there.
Sep 15, 2007
I had sort of a rough experience with Tannen's when I was in the City this past March.

After having a 10 minute conversation with the doorman (?) as to where it was in the building, (Note: you have to take an elevator up to a specific floor), we were met by the employees leaving the store for the day in a very stern and rude manner.

Despite the history, I'll probably never try to visit the store again.

Now Fantasma on the other hand.... its like Disney World. David Roth excused himself from a conversation he was having with a regular customer to personally perform a Card to Pocket effect for my girlfriend. Now, being a magician, I should have known the workings of this effect. But I was too lost in his personality and presence to even notice. Its magic shops like this one that remind us of that old brick and mortar that first got us started in this field. And I'd gladly go back.

You can't really miss it if youre in the vicinity. Its adjacent to Madison Square Garden.
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